Paintings I've made

"Chance and Dillon"
12 x 16  acrylics on canvas  (sold)
December 2014
One of my favorite paintings

These few painting were painted on , some are recent, some are older.
"My grandchibby!!!"
This is downloaded from and it does not download the whole picture unfortunately 

New painting, the beautiful model, I do not know who she is but I thought she would make a nice painting. November 16, 2013
"The beautiful blonde model"

The reference pic I used.

I haven't painted in a while but here is a new painting I just did Oct. 12, 2013
"My back yard mist"

This is the reference I used of my backyard that I took recently.

These are all my paintings and drawings 
My painting
"The little red table"
painted in Photoshop
March 3, 2013

Inspiration picture I found online

"Grandma's kitchen"
Dec. 2012
many hours...lots of work...didn't like making this much
I could have worked more on this but I got tired of it
my inspiration picture is below

Inspiration picture for above

"Backyard"  Dec. 2012

"Aldric's Scenery"
Another friend that is a photographer and I got permission to paint his scenery

"Sandra's boat"
My cousin Sandra is a photographer and takes tons of pictures and I know she doesn't mind me using them as references and so I use a lot of her pictures.

                                                     "The model"

"Eastern bluebird"


My very first "real"  drawing, 1984

"At the cabin"

"Love came down"
Inspired by the song "Love came down" by Brian Johnson

                                                          "My calculator" colored pencil
                                      Pretty hard to tell what you will draw when you are bored! lol

"my hand"  pencil drawing

                                         "Renette" My daughter's pretty best friend

                                                              "Sandra" My cousin
                                                        One of my first colored pencil

Sandra's wedding

"Sandra's bottles" digital painting

Cutie pie, "Sandy Rose"

"Lauren Sophia as Marilyn Monroe"

"Big ole tree"

                                                 "Vicky in bubbles"

" For your feet"

"Princess Madison"


"Feet in the ocean"

"My blond days" Self portrait

"Just a rose"

"Sandra's bottles"

"Cara and Minou"
My first pencil drawing, not very good but she loved it and had it on her wall for a long time...she probably still has it up!! Time for a new drawing for her! lol

"Roses in the mirror"  still life

"teddy bear"

Original photo

"Leopard" pencil drawing 1984

"following the light"

                                                         "White tiger"