Monday, November 26, 2012

The apple shape and what to wear

An apple shape holds their weight around the middle and those of you who are apple shaped you know that sucks!! and you know that binge eating is a no-no for you as it goes fast right to your middle BUT you can still dress right even though that’s the case. No one is perfect and it’s all about flattering what looks good and hiding those parts we don’t like so much. Even the most perfect person has things about them they don’t like!!!
You also will have your shoulders a bit broader than your hips.
Picture of apple-shaped and pear-shaped body fat distribution

The middle of your body is the biggest part and you probably have great legs. Your clothes should feature your smallest parts, which would be hips and legs,shoulders and under bust . Try to have something fitted under the bust with the bottom of the top flared. If you wear something that is not fitted under the bust you will look like you are wearing a tent.

See!!! lol

Queen Latisha is a gorgeous apple shape, dressed by my favorite designer Bradley Bayou!! As you can see she is fitted under the bust with the rest of the dress flowing down freely with nothing clinging in a lovely coral pink color that complements her skin tones.

It’s probably good for you to wear one of these. It is really important that you have a good fitting support bra. Lift the girls up and it will distinguish between your stomach and bust. You don’t want to look like you have one extra large bust or one extra large stomach, either one is not what you are after. You are after shaping the girls and hiding the belly.

great dress for an apple shaped woman,although if your stomach is very large the bodice should be just under the bust.

This is truly a great dress for you if your arms aren’t too bad and you are tall enough. If you feel you have to hide your arms then wear something in this shape with sleeves. If you are more on the short side and have great legs, Go short!! you can pull it off without looking too leggy!!

The top on the left is a good top to wear if your belly isn’t bigger than your bust
Do not wear anything tight around your middle. Pants, underwear and skirts should be loose around the middle so that it doesn’t give you love handles. Again wear good underwear!! Very important if you are overweight!!

That dress is A1 for someone that is overweight!! look for styles like that in dresses and tops!!! Secret….if the top bodice is in a light color and the bottom in a darker color..all the better!! It will draw the eyes up and slim that belly!!! Yay right!!??

these clothes are great for an apple shaped IF your belly is not a lot bigger than your bust….If it is then you need clothes that won’t cling too much, a fabric that is thicker would be best.