Sunday, August 11, 2013

My new revamped dress and my mangled frozen lip

Hello guys and gals, I revamped another dress. It’s a good thing I can sew!!! How bored with my clothes I would be!!! lol  This is another dress I made last year or the year before(I don’t know, the time goes by so fast lol!!) that I never wore for some reason. I think it’s because it was too short and I couldn’t wear it anywhere but as a beach cover up but never used it for that either…SO I decided to change it up a bit to give it a fresh new look and I am loving it this time around and getting lots of compliments when I wear it.
Here is what it looked like before

I was really hating my short hair but looking back on it now, I guess it wasn’t too bad…but I am NOT cutting my hair again!!! lol
short hair and white blue and red dress 022
This is how I made it
dress spring print and Tante Ann's quilt 002
This is a top I had
dress spring print and Tante Ann's quilt 003
I used the top as a pattern and cut around it leaving about a half inch seam or so and I cut it out longer to make a dress. Then I sewed up the sides to fit me and I shaped the front neckline the way I wanted it and turned under the neckline, armholes and hem and top stitched everything and there you have it, a dress.
Here is what it looks like now
Now I have to tell you about my dentist episode before you see the rest of the pictures. I had a filling that fell out on a tooth next to my front teeth and so I had to get it filled so I called my dentist to find out that he was on vacation and so I called the dental office to see if there were any other doctor that could do it as my tooth was hurting. They told me that there was a doctor available and they gave me an appointment the next week. I went for my appointment and the dentist proceeded with checking out my tooth with an ex-ray and then she froze my gums and started drilling where I reacted in pain as it was not froze properly. I am there thinking that usually my dentist waits a bit before proceeding but she started right away and so I don’t think I really had the chance to freeze properly and so she stuck the needle in some more which seemed like forever and went on with her job. Now in the mean time in talking with her I found out she had just got out of school 2 months ago. That made me a bit uneasy but she didn’t do a bad job for someone new. That wasn’t the problem, the problem was that my face was sooooo frozen after that I couldn’t move from my lip to my eye and it looked like the whole side of my face dropped about an inch and I couldn’t get it up as it was frozen solid right to my eye and it felt swollen. This was done at 9:30am and at 12:00pm I was still really frozen but my stomach was grumbling and so my husband and I decided to get something to eat. Since we were in town there isn’t too many choices to eat and I thought I would get a sub. I figured it should be soft enough to chew since it was only a ham and egg sub with lettuce. So carefully I started eating my sub on the other side that wasn’t frozen. My husband and I had gotten a take-out and we parked by the sea eating our subs and talking. The next thing I know I am trying to chew through something that feels rubbery in my sub. I bite down harder to try to break it apart thinking WHAT is in my sub that is so hard?? Then I realize I have taken a bite from the frozen side of my mouth and the thought goes through my mind…I HOPE this isn’t my lip!!!!………….sure enough I look in the mirror to my horror and I’ve tried to eat through my lip!!!! YIKES!!!!  Good thing I couldn’t feel it!!! lol  That was the end of my meal!! I wasn’t hungry any more…ewwww!!!!! It’s a good thing I’m very sensitive to texture in my mouth or else I may have bitten it right off but I only punctured it!!! Couldn’t feel a thing!!! I wish the dentists would warn you NOT to eat until your mouth is thawed or to just sip on something instead of eating but I think I’ve learned my lesson because I think I want to keep my lips for a while more!!! lol 
 I wasn’t changing my plans to take pictures of my dress and so you will have to deal with my frozen, bloody,swollen,bruised fat lip lol  Actually I love how the pictures turned out even if my face is a bit lop-sided, hahaha
asian dress_4946
It’s amazing how a little change can make it looks so different and cute!!!  I had some lace on hand and I added them to make little cap sleeves and a flounce at the bottom, and there you have it, a new dress that’s slightly countryfied.(I think countryfied should be a word hehehe) Translators it means “from the country”
asian dress_4952
See how I conveniently keep my weird lip hidden from the camera hehehe
asian dress_4956
asian dress_4962
asian dress_4958asian dress_4961
No smiles for you today!! lol It would be pretty scary!!

asian dress_4974
asian dress_4979asian dress_4977asian dress_4972

asian dress_5001
asian dress_5003asian dress_5004asian dress_4988
asian dress_5016
Have you ever watched the movie “The wedding singer”? My hair was blowing all over the place so I grabbed the ends of my hair to keep it from flying around and my husband said I reminded him of the psycho ex girlfriend when she comes to try to seduce Adam Sanders to get him back, lol  So we decided to do that pose, hahaha. I know, we watch to many movies!!!
asian dress_5013
asian dress_5027
asian dress_5028
asian dress_5021
asian dress_5036
asian dress_5033asian dress_5032
asian dress_5039asian dress_5040asian dress_5042
asian dress_5057asian dress_5059asian dress_5058
Have you ever tried to sit on a pile of wood……don’t try this at home!!! lol

asian dress_5062asian dress_5063asian dress_5065asian dress_5070asian dress_5071asian dress_5075
There you have it, my new revamped dress and my tired,frozen,mangled,swollen lip. Not my best face but it’s the only one I had!!! lol
P.S. My daughter is going back home tomorrow….sad….I wish she lived closer….I wanted to make her some more clothes. I bought some nice soft green print fabric and I thought I’d make her a little jacket before she went but I’m not going to have time. I guess I could always send it to her. It will probably cost more to ship it than to make it!!

Right now I am waiting for some fabric to arrive that I ordered for a customer to make roman blinds for her bedroom. The fabric is Ivory with pretty washed out blue flowers on it.(Old fashioned) It should look good after they are made, can’t wait to make them!! I’ll post some pictures for you when they are done!!
Bye for now!! xox
P.S.S. don’t say you can’t say you don’t want to!!!

Proverbs 1
New International Version (NIV
1 The proverbs of Solomon son of David, king of Israel:
2 for gaining wisdom and instruction;
for understanding words of insight;
3 for receiving instruction in prudent behaviour,
doing what is right and just and fair;
4 for giving prudence to those who are simple,[a]
knowledge and discretion to the young—
5 let the wise listen and add to their learning,
and let the discerning get guidance—
6 for understanding proverbs and parables,
the sayings and riddles of the wise.[b]
7 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge,
but fools[c] despise wisdom and instruction.

Which are you? Wise or a fool? ;)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Mother and daughter dresses I sewed up in a couple of afternoons

Heart of my heart, I have always seen pictures of mother and daughter dresses and I think they are soooooo cute!!! I’ve always longed to make some but my daughter is all grown up now and the mother and daughter dresses I’ve seen was for toddlers and for whatever reason I never clued in that I could still make matching dresses even though my daughter is grown. She is home for a couple of weeks and of course she wanted mom to make her a dress or two and we were looking at fabric and I was showing her my dress that I had just finished making and she liked it and so I thought it would be great to make her a dress slightly different than mine but with the same fabric and it happened that I had just enough to make her one. I think they are so sweet and they turned out great!!
This is the fabric we started with. It is a greyish beige with white, black and aqua flowers.
Here is Cara’s dress
cara walking
My husband Leon was saying how he never realized how much Cara looked like me. In this picture, from behind, If I hadn’t been the one who took the pictures I would have a hard time telling if this was me or Cara.
Here is some fancy close up shots of Miss Carabelle, just because….
Being her age, we thought it would be appropriate to have a peek-a-boo lace insert. We worried that it wasn’t proper that maybe it would show too much belly but we figured that if it was too much she could always wear a belt. But I believe it looks elegant and decent and does not show too much. Cara loves this dress and it makes her look taller and slimmer!!! A great dress for her!!
This dress was made without a pattern. I just used one of her old dresses as a guideline to make this dress. This dress is semi-fitted which gives the dress great movement and it not restrictive at all. Comfortable to wear and the fabric has a bit of a stretch to it too and so does the lace insert.
Cara did not want her dress to be fitted so we left it a bit loose.
Cara and Minou 2
Here is Minou, she has to get into all my pictures if I’m at home photographing. She acts like she hates the camera but she’s always in the pictures. lol
Close up detail of lace insert. The top is like a little crop top, the edges are finished on the top and the bottom of the skirt and then I sewed the lace on top by pinning it to the top and bottom and sewing along the scalloped edges with black thread.
The neckline and armholes were serged with a serger and turned in and topstitched. If you do not have a serger you can use a zig-zag stitch on your sewing machine.
Here is Minou again, giving Cara kisses.
This is my dress
Mine is shorter with the black lace on the bottom.
My Pics with Minou

More pics with Minou
my dress is fitted with an empire waist and darts. I used simplicity pattern 9481 for this dress and adapted it to my liking.
Can be worn with or without a belt
I changed the back of the pattern with a deep v back neckline.
I did not put a zipper in this as the fabric is stretchy enough to pull over your head and the neckline has a big enough opening but if I made it again I think I would add a zipper just to make it easier to get in and out of  as my waist is small compared to the rest of me and that area has a hard time getting over my large shoulders or hips!
Looks good with a belt also
Feather earrings from the dollar store!! Cha ching!! haha I love them and they are a perfect match for my dress!!!
If you look at my shadow you will see that I’m really a little monster!!! lol

Cara and I together
Cara and me long shot
Cara and I holding hands

Just being goofy

Look at those perfect teeth!!! lol
That’s it folks, the end, finished…..until the next dress that is. Sorry about the tons of pictures but I'm not good at choosing only a few but i'm working on it!!!
Coming up next is a revamp dress with my fat swollen frozen mangled lip. hahaha