Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Years!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful New Years this 2013!!!!

Another year has come and gone. I wonder what this year will bring? I seem to have a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach when I think about the coming year.....Are we in for some hard times?... I hope not but if so, we are going to have to be strong!!! I feel this is a year we are going to have to stick together and help each other out. Person to person and country to country. I don't know why I'm feeling this way but I really feel this! Hopefully I'm wrong!!!

For now we can go on and live our lives the best that we can and enjoy our families and friends but always being ready to act if something should happen and leaning heavily on God for direction. Those of us that believe in God know's that he is always there for us and we need not be afraid.  I believe a lot of us that are tuned in to God have this same feeling. That feeling of "ok what's coming up next?", that expectancy of knowing God is doing something drastic and yes, scary. "Oh but God wouldn't do anything that mean, he is supposed to be a God of love!!!"  Yes he is and he has good reasons to do what he has to do.
 Remember he did flood the world because the people he had made decided to disobey him and everywhere he looked all he saw was pure evil expect for Noah and his family and God was very sad that he had made human beings but he gave us another chance and what did we do with it?

I feel like there is something changing in the world, in the atmosphere, in the weather. It is kind of scary to think about it but I like to know the truth about things and so I think about things deeply. I am very sensitive to what goes on around me, how people act, things that happen, what people say or don't say and what is happening around the world and in the weather. Things are changing and not for the good. I'm sorry to be a bearer of bad news but we have to be ready for anything. We shouldn't go around living blindly without knowing what is going on, or at least people that really want to know the truth shouldn't. The rest of you, don't say you weren't told. The bible explains these changing of the times, the things that are taking place now and the things that will take place in the future. Doesn't sound like it's going to be a fun place to live. The bible says, it will be like in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. I would say it's almost there and in some parts  of the world it already is. Life means nothing to some people, God's way's mean nothing and they live how ever they see fit and it's coming here too, you can see it coming if you look. A lawlessness. A selfishness.

Now I may not be very popular after writing these things but that's ok, I've never been. To you who don't believe,  I have to warn you, it is my duty as a Christian. Wouldn't I be a hypocrite if I didn't stand behind what I believe?  If I believe you need Jesus to go to heaven and I didn't tell you this and then we both die and find out that I was right, wouldn't you say, "Lee Anne why didn't you tell me?" I thought you as a Christian was supposed to love like God does, didn't you love me enough to tell me the truth?" "Wasn't I important enough to let me know this?" "Why did you let me go to hell?" I would never want to bare the guilt of this!!! so I am telling you that you need to except Jesus as your savior, into your heart, and you have to turn from your sins in order to have eternal life. How do you do this?  You just talk to him like you would talk to your friend. Something like this

"Thank you that you died on the cross for me, that you took my place so that I wouldn't have to die for my own sin, that you payed the price for my sins.
Jesus, I know I've messed up where you are concerned, I've sinned, I've done things my way for a long time and now I'm ready to try to do things your way, I turn from my sin and I invite you to live in me, in my heart to be my God. Let this be my new years resolution, to live my life for you, to carry my own cross as you did and I ask this in Jesus' name, Amen"

If you did this, let me know or let another Christian that you trust know and then start learning about your God by reading the bible and by going to a bible study and going to a good bible believing church. It will be the best thing you could ever do for yourself and then you will truly have a happy new years!!! The best one you'll ever have!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

How selfish are you?- questions to make you think


Read this with an open mind, it is not to condemn but to show us where we are weak and what we could work on to be better people. We ALL have weaknesses and places we are selfish in and need to work on.
Look inside yourself non judgmentally and see if there is anywhere that you could improve on.

*Do you try to monopolize the conversation?

* Do you think your opinions are better than everyone else's?

* Do you ask people how they are?

* Do you listen to the answer or as soon as they start speaking you ignore them?

* How many times do you use I or me in conversations?

* Do you ever make the first move in apologizing?

* Do you ever apologize?

* Is your conversations all about your world?

* Do you use people for your own benefit?

* Is there people that you only talk to when you want something?

* Do you ask people about their families, job or life?

* Are you interested in what someone else has to say?

* Do you compliment people? If not, why?

* Do you give praise to everyone (not only your own family), where praise is due? If not, why?

* Are you jealous? If so, why?

* Do you want the best for someone else, no matter who they may be?

* How supportive are you?

* Do you like to be in control all the time?

* Do you make it known that your family is the greatest and the best?

* Are you considerate of other peoples feelings and ideas?

* Would you take up for someone that is wrong against someone that is right just to make yourself look good in that persons eyes?

* Do you do things to make yourself look good in other people's eyes?

* Do you think you are better than someone else?

* Do you care only about yourself and what you want no matter the cost?

* Do you scheme to see how you will get people to do your will?

* Do you manipulate?

* Do you try to be right even though you know you are wrong?

* Do you share?

* How important are your feelings?

* How revengeful are you?

* Do you have a "poor me" attitude?

* Do you get over things quickly?

* Do you give the biggest bowl of ice cream?

* Are you thoughtful?

* Do you care if someone is sick?

* Are you possessive?

Again I repeat, do not judge yourself but except the bad in you and know it is something you have to work on because you are worth it!!!

It's a harsh world we live in with all the the selfishness that goes around. People get their feelings hurt and then they take revenge and that causes a lot of selfishness. Revenge belongs to the Lord!! DO NOT TAKE IT!!!  Be forgiving, treat people with respect, give credit where credit is due, love deeply and selflessly, unconditionally, live in peace if you can, show mercy, uplift people, love your neighbor as you love yourself so they DON"T have a reason to take revenge on you, be generous.
 Let us try to be less selfish and more giving of our time, energy, love, money, things, compassion and faithfulness in this new year.


Friday, December 28, 2012

Delta Dawn, cover

Back to my country roots.....I can't help but sing country even though it's not my favorite type of music, because I grew up in a country house. I lived with my grandmother and mother who were avid country fans and they listened to it constantly and when they didn't have music on they were singing it!! lol Singing was a big part of our household things to do.
Growing up we would often have sing songs at my house or at my grandmother's camp. All my uncle's would come and play guitar and sing. It was a good time had by all who came and we also had good food to go along with it!! These are some of my fondest childhood memories.
 Here I am singing "Delta Dawn" Hope you enjoy it!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

handmade roses

Hello guys, I hope you had a great Christmas, mine was quiet without my children home but wasn`t too bad. Had great breakfast to my cousins house and then we went to pick up my brother to have a turkey supper at my house. We visited all the family to wish them merry Christmas.

I have been making flowers here and there....I have had a really sore arm for almost three months now, can`t sleep, can`t get dressed or undressed, can`t lift my arm more than about 8 inches, can`t close car doors, can`t put my seat belt on, can`t walk too much or use my arm too much or I get wicked pain in my shoulder, elbow and wrist....I believe that it is a combination of tendinitis and Fibromyalgia and so does the doctor. I`ve been on anti-inflammatory drugs for a week now...I think I might see a slight improvement...I`M HOPING because I am really tired of this!!! Anyhows, my daughter Cara is anxiously waiting to get married someday and she is dreaming of her wedding and what she would want. What colors she would like and so on. She wants her mamma to make all her flowers by hand. So mamma thought she`d start early so she can have an abundance made by the time a wedding roles around! lol
I can make many different color schemes and then she can choose whatever color she likes the best.
 So coming back to my extremely sore arm and lack of sleep for 3 months, I haven`t been able to do much so it leaves me with plenty of time to make the flowers as they are not too hard to make with only an arm and a half. hehehe Thank God it is not my right arm!!! I`d be going totally crazy by now....

Here they are, I am very pleased at how they turned out!! I think mizz Cara beeb will love them!! (Beeb is babe in french for those who don`t know)

Oops I forgot to pick up the one who flew away!

makes a great decoration

I am also making fabric flowers and yarn flowers for my hats like the blue one in the middle

These flowers have many uses... you can use them to decorate your Christmas tree...put them in pretty bowls.... glue them on head bands, use them for background photography, decorate you reception area, flower bouquets etc. etc.
Let me know if you would like to see a different color and I will make some up for you!!

Have a great flower day everyone!!!