Saturday, March 16, 2013

Chocolatey thick healthy milkshake!!!

Oooooooooooh I love it!!! I can have my cake and eat it too!!!

I can drink this milkshake everyday and know that it is not a sin and going to my waist...or wherever it goes! This is very healthy to drink, slurp or smack your lips!
It's delicious and chocolatey!!!(that's chocolate tasting for you translators) AND I'll give you the recipe of how I make it!

Looky looky (that is look look!!! for you translators)  ( I do that because when I go to other websites of different languages I don't understand some of the words because they are slang or whatever and they do not translate to my language so because I want you to get the best from this blog I try to think of the people who need to translate this) I have to say too that I'm so thrilled to see all the different countries that visit my blog!! You guys are awesome!!! Some of you I have never even heard of but I look you up to see where you are! I hope you can find something here that you enjoy!! As for me, I've been enjoying this Chocolate Shake!

I recently, actually 6 days ago, started a 80-90% raw vegan diet! And I'm feeling fine!!!!!!! Actually it is a lifestyle change not a diet. What I eat are 80% fruits 10% veggies and 10% nuts and seeds. Google 80/10/10 diet for more information.
I can see a lot of different things changing in and outside of my body. This is me on day 5! I'm just amazed
at the clarity and brightness in my eyes and skin in such a short amount of time!!!

Spirit, weight, sickness, detoxing,major skin improvements, feelings of well being etc. etc. I think it's going to be a great thing....I'll keep you posted on it.

On to the chocolate shake!

Freeze two ripe organic bananas chopped in a freezer bag overnight (Ripe is when they have tiny brown spots on them)

 Add 1 cup of almond milk to your blender (You can get this at any health food store or health food department in your grocery store.
 Add 1 tsp of honey (Optional) Or natural sweeter of your choice (No white sugar)!!

 Add 1/2 to 1 tsp cocoa depending on how dark you like it...start with a half. Remember cocoa without a lot of sweetener is bitter.

 Are you tempted yet?? lol
Add 1 tsp of pure vanilla (without alcohol)!  Check your ingredients

Blend ingredients and then slowly add your frozen banana until it is as thick as you like it.

 Drink it while it is cold! Yummy!!!
And while you are at it why not have a plate of honeydew melon sprinkled with a touch of honey!!! Good for you!

Here is the recipe in a nutshell 
Chocolate shake
2 frozen organic bananas
1 cup almond milk
1 tsp honey(optional)
1 tsp cocoa (depending how dark you like it)
1 tsp pure vanilla (without alcohol)
Blend it up and enjoy!!

No dairy products. 

Fancy *wancy chocolate shake lol   This is where my photography practicing comes in hahaha
* Wancy is just a nothing word that rhymes with Fancy! lol

Have a healthy day everyone!!!! And make your own shakes!!!

Update:  Put a few mint leaves in the chocolate shake, taste just like Christmas!!!