Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring multi-colored top in time for Easter


Hi everyone, I’m into making some Spring/Summer clothing now! We are finally starting to see the signs of Spring!! I would say that it’s about time! It seems to have been a long Winter but now hopefully it’s over and we can have a little warmth for those of us who live with snow for 4 - 6 months out of the year. I do not mind a bit of Winter around Christmas time but I have to say that I do NOT like the cold and am very thankful Spring and Summer is finally arriving although it hasn’t been too warm yet, we are getting a lot of high winds….Ohhh how I long for Summer!!

Here’s my Spring top with a peplum bottom

Bright Easter colors of yellow, teal, purple,black and white

This is a fabric I bought at Fabricville, Halifax NS. I saw it from across the room and it called to me. Lee Anne you have to buy me now!! and so I did ;)


The style is a cowl neck with a peplum bottom. Here in this picture I am wearing it with a tie through the shoulder and armhole for a more asymmetrical look which I really like. Makes the style more trendy.


Here are some different ways I can wear it. Two ties around the shoulder and armhole for a square neckline.


This one I dropped the shoulder, I think this looks so nice this way! I just slid my arm out and twisted the fabric under the armpit and tied it with an elastic and then turned the knot  inside under the arm. Instant one shoulder top!!!


Hey, I’ve got my lighting but I don’t have my backgrounds yet!!! Give me a break!! lol

My father-in-law laughed at me when we were building this room because I wanted too many plugs in the room…well in this case he was right (don’t tell him!!! lol ) But as you can see I am using them and still there are some places that I have to have power bars for more plugs!! hahaha We are in a generation of electronics!! :)


Here is another way that we can wear a cowl neck. Those hair clips can go on your tops too to make a V-neck!! How cool is that??!! 

I did not use a pattern for this top. I just used a top that I had already as a guideline for this one.


Hey, did you have your green drink today??? I did!!!


What’s in it?  Kale, cucumbers, romaine lettuce, carrots and a pear, not bad at all! Slightly sweet, not much green taste.


Cheers!!! Here’s to health! I hope!! I’m not quite there yet but I am better than I was as I am trying to eat healthy FOR ME which is very hard to do as I am sensitive to a LOT of different food. But I’ve lost a few pounds and loosing a few pounds is always a plus!!! :)

Here are some props I had hanging around


I know some of you are probably freaking out right now because I have an umbrella open in the house!! lol  I am not superstitious, I do not believe in bad luck or good luck which is a good thing because of all the mirrors I have broken!!! Like seriously, I don’t know what my problem with mirrors is?? I’m sure I break one every week!! hahaha I believe in God and I believe He blesses me as He sees fit ……and I am blessed! :)

_MG_3911 cropped

Eeeek!!!! I’m in my underwear!!!! lol  Good thing they are nice Sunday ones!!! ;)


I made some matching underwear with the left-over fabric!!! Waste not, want not!!  and this is all you are seeing of them!!! :P


I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world, life in plastic, is fantastic!

I am not sure what I was doing here but it turned out pretty cool!! lol Yes I know I’m not blonde or skinny, I would be considered a human obese dark haired Barbie doll at least in this society but who cares, my husband loooooooves my curves and my dark hair!!! ;)

Just saying…. because I have so many problems with food I have thought about joining that blonde human Barbie doll who thinks she can live on air and light…..LOL ….  NOT but I have been so discouraged with my food sensitivities that I’ve thought I should just stop eating ANYTHING…….. but if you have even half a brain you know that THAT is not an option…

Pretty sad that there would be people like that influencing the young minds of this generation :(

That’s it for now guys and gals and everything else in between ;)

P.S.  Life is sometimes hard with all it’s twists and turns. Sometimes it makes you feel like giving up and other times it goes on, smooth as butter. When it lets you down,
fight the good fight and finish the race! God cheers you on and so am I!!! xox :)

P.S.S. I finished quilting my bedspread!!! Wooo hoooo!!! Now I know why I don’t make too many of them!!! I don’t have the patience to keep at something for that long…. :/  It did turn out better than I thought it would. Imagine trying to put a King size quilt into a queen size frame!!? Not fun!! lol It was going on there crooked and I had to pin it everywhere with lots of pins that would bend with the weight of it! I had borrowed the quilt legs from my aunt who needed them back soon, and the frames from my cousin. Leon was nice and made me some “legs” from wood he found in the backyard and so I got my aunts back to her. Anyway, I finally got it all quilted and it seems to be fairly straight considering. Now I have to bind the darn thing!! lol  But it will be great once it’s finished and the fruit of my labour will be forgotten and I’ll have a nice bedspread that I can keep for myself (I’ve given away most of the quilts I’ve ever made)
I have my beautiful (or at least it will be once I paint it) roll top desk that this great and nice lady GAVE me!!! I’m so happy!!! She wanted it out of her living room and so someone else’s junk is someone else’s treasure!!  I’ve turned it into my sewing/craft station!! Love it, Love it, Love it!!! I have it in the bedroom…yes I do EVERYTHING in my bedroom (sheepish grin) There are some days I hardly leave my room lol Sewing, crafts, eating,photograaphy,… well you get it, I don’t want to have to name everything. hehehe

I am going to paint it white with a black trim and on the inside I’m going to paint it in teal which are the colors of our bedroom.
Ok, I’ve rambled on enough now….but I could keep going, once I’m on a roll, I’m on a roll! but I’ll spare you, this time!! ;)
Do you know that gardening is just around the corner…or actually here?? Time to do some gardening soon!!
We shall see you again, later!