Wednesday, January 9, 2013

UPDATE January 2013

Hello everyone!!!
Just want to let you know what's going on with me right now....I have something wrong with my left arm and I can't raise it above my head. Lots of pain in my shoulder,elbow and wrist, numbness and weakness in my arm,hand and fingers. My shoulder is frozen and I cannot move it past a certain point. This has been going on for 3 months!!! Very annoying!!! Having Fibromyalgia along with this problem doesn't help at all. Insomnia is one of the symptoms of Fibromyalgia and now with this extreme pain in my arm I have NOT been sleeping much in these last 3 months!! So basically I'm a mess is what I'm saying lol, and being in this mess I have NO energy for anything right now and it's just about killing me, I detest not being able to do anything!!! Some days I cannot even type because of the pain in my arms and now pain in my neck because the muscles are compensating for my arm not moving. So I've been watching a lot of movies and just laying in bed in a vegetative state. I force myself to go for a little walk and stretch every day but it is really hard.

I have no doctor and so I have been at the mercy of the out patient department. After going 3 times for the same problem and waiting seven and a half hours, they finally decided to actually examine my arm instead of guessing what I have and sending me home on drugs.
It's probably nothing serious BUT having my mother die at 51 of lymphoma cancer and that her first symptoms were pain in her arm for a long time and then she got a lump under her arm, I kind of want to know what's going on here.
This last doctor thoroughly checked my arm and chest area and lymph nodes under my arm where I am getting a lot of my pain. She is sending me on blood work, X-ray, ultra sound of my arm and chest area, and an MRI, plus I'm waiting for a call to start Physio therapy again. Yes again, the first time I saw the doctor they were supposed to call to make an appointment but they forgot,,, "joy" Yes that was sarcastic! hahaha

But on the bright side, I still have a new years outfit that I made that I have to take pictures of!!! It's a dark blue and sparkly top and skirt! Unfortunately I didn't get to wear it anywhere this year because we went to dinner and a movie and having this very sore arm I just wanted to be as comfortable as possible so it was comfortable pants and a fancy t-shirt for me. I would have went in my pj's but I figured it wouldn't be proper! lol  I did do my hair and makeup nice though!!

I'm kind of dabbling in having my own fabric's a bit pricey but I'd love to do it at least once, just to say I designed my own fabric... I would loooooooove to design my own fabric for a fabulous spring coat I want to make this spring!! I can even make it water repellent knows everything!! lol  I'm thinking a beautiful light aqua blue?? Wouldn't that be so cool!!!?? Well I think so!! lol

There you have it, my life right now in a nutshell. Not very exciting but you wait when I get better, someone will have to tie me down!!! hahaha
My cousin Sandra said she had some craft paper that she didn't use anymore and I could have it!! yay!! I'll have to whip something up with that, maybe some more flowers. Oh yeah, Valentine's day is coming up so I'm thinking about doing some things for valentine'd day!!! I saw this cute little apron somewhere online and I thought it would look great in a valentine fabric of some kind. I really need an apron because every time I cook I ruin my clothes and so I think I'll make one if my arm gets better by then!!

Well it's off to bed to watch a movie and hopefully unwind enough to sleep!!!
Good night people!!! don't let the bed bugs bite!!!

P.S. The exclamation marks means I'm on overdrive!!!