Monday, July 9, 2012

Marriage is a piece of cake!!!!

First you have this beautiful cake and it’s wonderful and beautiful and it’s all you want
Then you realize it’s your cake and you can eat it whenever you want, it’s always at your beck and call

Slice by slice you take and eat from this cake

Slice one…….infidelity….and it looks sooooo good!!!   = separation of one unit, disharmony, dysfunctional as a family, disunity, distrust, guilt, condemnation, resentment
Slice two…….lies,deceitfulness and omission  = lying to partner, lying to self, lying to friends and family and co-workers, neglecting to tell facts to partner, minimising the truth…..covering up comes so easy
 Slice three……..Arguments about money, religion, children, addictions etc… there are so many different things that people can argue about and it leads to strife, frustration, disappointment, unforgiveness etc. etc.

Slice four…….pornography =  lusting,laziness,boredom,lack of intimacy, loneliness, craving for intimacy…
Slice four……..Disrespect = uncaring, unloving, thoughtless, selfish, self centered, angry, foul language, violent, abusive
Slice five…….Jealousy……distrust, secretive, suspecting, accusing, fearful,watchful, sickness, guarded, resentful, bitterness, unforgiveness….see slice one and slice two.

Slice six…….house chores = uneven labour, burdened, pressure, unequal, too much responsibility on one,
Slice seven….. lack of communication = lack of communication, lack of intimacy, misunderstandings, neglect, being unsure of one another,

After you’ve eaten some or all of the slices of this cake, this is what you have left of your marriage

Not much is it? ……. your marriage may be able to be saved though, but you’d better start baking!!!!

Go back to the cake you had in the beginning and start appreciating it!!!
Leave the cake as it is, don’t eat it but add to the decorations,

Earn trust back by being honest,
Show adoration and respect,
Make them feel valuable,
Tell your partner how beautiful she or he is,
Tell them how precious they are to you,
Admit the truth, own up to your wrong doings and more than that, tell them you know what it did to them.
Help your partner in everything you can.
Keep your mouth shut sometimes and open it when you should.
Be kind and considerate.
Show appreciation,
Go out of your way once in a while to please,
Listen, listen listen,
Talk talk talk.
Treat them as you did when you met them, even if you have to fake it for a while!!!
You won’t get anything if you don’t put anything in it!!!

 Yeah, marriage is like a piece of cake so savour it as much as you can or you’ll find yourself facing nothing but crumbs and sometimes crumbs can’t be made back into a cake and it’s just not the same. Turn things around before it is too late.
Just a thought…. maybe that’s why we have wedding cakes at weddings… lol
Have a beautiful “piece of cake” day!!!  xox