Friday, August 31, 2012

Clear Winter and hourglass shape

This is were I’m going to be posting my new wardrobe that I’m making for Fall and Winter to blend with what I already have and to use some of them to wear in the spring also. I’m also a clear winter and if you are too then this can help you get your colors right.
I’m going to be doing other models shapes and clothes and coloring so stay tuned for more!!!
I’ve been reading a great book by Bradley Bayou called “the science of sexy”  Dress to fit your unique figure with the style system that works for every shape and size. You can buy it online at

Here is how to figure out if you are a clear winter
  • Eyes are bright blue, Violet or Emerald green. They are very bright and are the first thing people notice about you.
  • You’ll hear things like, Wow, are your eyes really that color? or I think your eyes are the prettiest I’ve ever seen and I can’t stop staring at them.
  • The most original I’ve heard was “Wow!!  Your eyes remind me of the color of a swordfish when it comes up just before it reaches the surface of the water” lol  yes it was a man!! hahaha
  • Our eyes are our best facial feature because of our bright clear coloring. Our coloring is pretty unique, not many have this coloring with the dark hair and blue eyes
  • Our skin is decidedly lighter than our hair color. It’s all about the clear, sharp contrast of eyes, hair and skin. We are very colorful people!! lol
I think we look better with the darker and less bright colors because we already have enough color in our faces. Although we can never seem to go wrong with blue!!! :>)

Clear Winter coloring

Take a picture of yourself and copy and paste these colors under your picture.
You’ll see exactly what colors you can wear or can’t wear.  Print it out and put
it in your purse for when you go shopping for clothes. Just make sure it prints out the same colors first!

Celebrities that are clear winters

Courtney Cox

Liv Tayler

Lynda Carter  Hey we could be wonder woman!!!! how cool is that!!! lol

Megan Fox

Now on to how to dress your figure

but first

Check to see if you have the basic wardrobe

Bradley Bayou says this is what you should have in your closet to have a good wardrobe. Oprah agrees but I figure she has a bit more than this, don't you? Even I have more than this!!! lol
1 basic tailored cotton white shirt- check, I found a great one at a used clothing store!!! gathered at the waist to fit my shape.
1 basic tailored colored shirt- check, it's gotten a little tight during these holidays!! and the color is deep aqua blue, flatters my eye color

7 cotton T-shirts-  almost check, I have probably, 5 hmmmm no maybe 10 or more, I have long sleeve ones, short sleeve one and no sleeves!  I'm allowed to have more!!! lol

1 sexy party top- hmmm I rarely go to parties, I'm not a party girl so I'll have to call them sexy church tops hahaha!! and the "girls" are all covered!! ;>)  I have more than one..... I need more than one!!! I go to church every week and I'm not wearing the same one every time!! Right!!??? And I have the accessories to match!!! :>)

1 shiny silk camisole- check  I have 2 though, a black one and a gold one...but I wear the gold one more when my hair is blond. That's another blog story!! ;>)

1 pretty top with special details- check, 1??? who can have only one??? I'm sure Oprah has more than one......I've seen her wearing pretty tops quite often on TV and they are never the same.... and neither are mine ;>)1 black cashmere sweater to fit your body type- Ooops... it seems to me that I've worn cashmere years ago and that it doesn't agree with my sensitive skin. Itchy and uncomfortable for me I believe, so before I'd pay money for cashmere I think I'd have to make sure I can wear it.... I do have a soft black knit sweater though.
1 timeless black dress- check.... I have one of those that wraps around my waist and is a good fit. It's a bit long and I don't like where it falls so I may shorten it.
1 daytime dress- check.... I have a few of those and I'm making some more for this summer!!! yeeeea-aahhhh!!!!, I love to wear dresses or skirts, some of them are so comfortable!!

1 unique sexy party dress- check..... There I go again... I only have church dresses and they are as sexy as I need them to be! You don't need to bare too much skin to be sexy!....Sexy just is!!! lol.... But I have more than one and I'm going to make some more!!! tawit-a-woo!!! ;>) That was a whistle not an owl!!! hahaha

1 black skirt that fits your figure- check.... I have one of those1 flirty dressy skirt- check....I have one of's black!1 fitted knee length business skirt.....I have one of those....It's black!!! I'm planning on making a grey one though!1 pair of black pants, long enough to wear with heels check.....I have about six of them but only 2 fit right now..... but I plan to change that!!!

1 pair of casual pants- check.... I have 2 of them one bran new pair of yellowy beige or light mustard that fit really well and a navy pair.

3 pair of jeans that is good for your body type- check.... I have 3 for sure and more that don't fit right now... but if I have my way they will! I don't like to wear jeans that much anyway. Not comfortable on my body.

1 Basic black suit with pants. Ooops!  I'm out of that... I had one but I think it got old or I gave it away...I may have to make myself a suit. They are so slimming. I have one in navy... if I can still fit in it! ugh these holidays are not good for your figure!! :>)

1 Blazer that looks great with pants... Ooops! I'm out of that too.. although I haven't been wearing blazers lately. I think I got tired of them... but I should probably have one.
1 3/4 length light coat- check .... it's black :>)1 overcoat- check  ..... it's navy1 casual jacket- check... I have a few1 pair of heels- check... I have heels if you want to call it that... I can only wear kitten heels because of problems with my feet. I have black and grey and I need more
1 pair of flats- check.... I can do those, great for shopping
There are a few different body shapes

mine happens to be a medium hourglass

Are you a medium hourglass figure?

Here are some celebrities with hourglass figures

Marylyn Monroe became famous because she knew how
to dress her hourglass figure

These celebrities all have hourglass figures
For a medium hourglass figure you must be 5’3”- 5’7” and weigh between 130lbs –170lbsYour shoulder measurements and your hip measurements should be about the same thing
and your waist should be considerably smaller. You may have large or small breast.
When you gain weight it should be evenly so that you carry your weight well and you basically keep the same shape only bigger.
As you can see in the picture below, I’m about 10 to 15 pounds overweight but
it is evenly proportioned all over my body keeping the same basic shape.
I know, That’s pretty much a blessing!! It makes it very hard for people to guess my
true weight!!!

Natalie Henstridge is a Cello shape. A cello is a slightly wider hourglass figure. The cello woman is proportional, with broad shoulders, large breasts, a short but not too tiny waist, curvy hips, bum, and thighs, and slim lower legs. Natasha Henstridge is a classic cello.

Clothes that I’ve made to fit my medium hourglass figure

my dress and the warf 615
This is the end of summer beginning of next spring wardrobe
This dress has princess seams and the bottom of the dress is A-line which is
really good for my body type. It has to be fitted to my curves or else I will look fat! lol
That is my downfall. If I wear the wrong clothes I just look fat ;>)
The dress is white with blue flowers to match the color of my eyes
and compliment my skin tones.

I've been a bit busier than I thought I'd be and haven't had time to sew for myself as much as I'd like to and I haven't had time to take the pictures of what I've already made.... life goes by so fast!!!  I hope in this new year that I'll be able to get it done.... I know my what my problem is....I DO TOO MUCH!!! lol 

       Here is some more of the outfits I've made to coordinate with my wardrobe
This is a skirt and top I made for fall and spring in my colors and for my body type
It's just an easy to make tube top and a simple A line skirt that I need to wear with a belt for shape.
I have a little red jacket that I wear with it although I didn't get the pics for that one.
Actually I had taken pics with the jacket and other ways of wearing it but when I put them on my computer something happened and half of my pictures disappeared!! :-(  and I'm too lazy to get dressed up again just to take more pictures!! ;>)
I can wear the belt that I made under the bust if I'm having a "fat" day

I can wear it at the waist to make my waist look smaller.
I wear this with tights for fall and winter and a little jacket or coat. Boots would also look
good with this. I can dress it up or down.

I can wear this with store bought Capri pants and a light jacket that I found at a used clothing store on a warm fall day. I can also wear it with Jeans or black pants with boots. A nice grey pencil skirt would also look great with the top. I think I'm going to make one.
When spring comes I can still wear it with white capris. I could also wear a white shrug with it on cooler days.

Well, it's like this.....the fabric that I had bought was all really warm types of fabric.....and we didn't have much of a winter this year and the fall was really warm too so I didn't feel like making clothes that I was probably not going to wear I didn't :)

Now I am working on some summer clothing

This is a top I made this May 2012

a T-shirt for an hourglass figure has to be slightly fitted at the waist. Could be even very fitted but you have
to have at least one or two for those "fat days" ;>)  I'm not the only one that has them am I???
Once I lose those few pounds I gained this winter, I may try a very fitted t-shirt!! If I can just stop eating junk food!!! ahhhhhh!!!
Thank God for being an hourglass shape, at least I keep my shape, just a bit larger!!!

Right now I look in the mirror and I think I'm disgusting but that's ok, it will inspire me to lose it hopefully :>)
Hopefully I can do it before summer is gone....
I used to be a size 3 or smaller and now I'm a size 9 or 11 but my ideal weight is a size 7. That's where I'm most comfortable. Size 3 is too small for my large frame.
Will be posting more as I make them :>))

I recently discovered that their are 2 types of hourglass shape, they can be an X shape or a 8 shape.
The x shape is fuller in the hips at the lower hips and the figure 8 shape is fuller in the hips at the high hip.
I'm an x shape as I'm fuller at the lower hips

Beyoncé is an 8 shape as her hips start wide right after her waist
Dolly Parton is a 8 shape also

Found this  interesting chart below online

As you can probably see here the largest part is lower down making me an X shape

X shapes seem to have longer curves compared to the quick curves of the 8 shape.

This is a dress I made this summer June 2012
It has blue tigers on it.
I found the fabric at a used clothing store for 75 cents!!! Cha ching!!!
It took me a little over an hour to make it!!! Cha ching!!!
The trim is scrap fabric that I had left over from a top I made.

Here is another dress I made this summer. It has a sort of Asian print. I got the fabric at a used clothing store for around $1.00 Yay!! Great dress for around the house or the beach
short hair and white blue and red dress 096short hair and white blue and red dress 099short hair and white blue and red dress 102short hair and white blue and red dress 131

Another dress in black, yellow and white

black white and yellow dressyellow and black dress
Photography by my son, Coady Nickerson

Hi guys, I just finished making some great skirts, shaped to fit.
Here they are!

This is my mermaid skirt in lime green and black. I love it!!!!  It`s so comfortable and sharp looking.The tops are all store bought but I plan on making some to match.
Hmmmm my hair grew really fast, I wonder how that happened!
Tie in, Pony tail!!!
I`ll have my hair long one way or the other!!! lol


Another way I can wear it


Fitted drapery Skirt
I made a mistake on the amount of drapery fabric I was ordering and so I was left with a couple of meters of fabric that I didn't`t want exactly..but I looked at the fabric and thought what could I use this for and of course it`s clothing that pops into my mind. I thought a nice fall skirt might be nice and so here it is.


PIC_0984 - Copy
PIC_0989 - Copy
PIC_0981 - Copy

That's all she wrote! ;)