Thursday, September 6, 2012

clear winter and hourglass figure continued

Hello guys, I’m still making my wardrobe for the hourglass figure. I’m doing pretty good. I’ve got a mermaid skirt, a grey suede skirt and a drapery skirt and now I just made a classy cow skirt, actually it’s flowers but it reminds me of a cow. lol                                                                                                                           I am trying to make some tops and vest for this winter, hopefully I can get them done. I have one done already and I have plenty of fabric to make more….I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy anymore fabric until I used all of what I already have up!!!….It’s so hard!!!                                                                                                                        
 Here is my snake skirt
The tops are all store bought
This is a fitted pencil skirt with a slit in the back
This green is not the best color for me but I can wear it
on the bottom while wearing black which is a good color on me



 Here is my green bow top.
Sorry about the grainy pictures but this camera that I have does not take good pictures in low light and my other camera is not working right now… could it be because I forgot it out in the rain or was it when I dropped itEmbarrassed smileSad smile

cow skirt_0011
The fabric is the same as my mermaid skirt, I thought of putting the two together but it’s too green! This isn’t my best color to wear but it’s ok. I can get by.

cow skirt_0029
The top is loosely fitted in the front and back with seams

cow skirt_0014
the sleeves are cap sleeves with binding around the armholes and the neckline also has a binding with the same fabric
cow skirt_0020
very comfortable to wear in a nice wearing polyester
cow skirt_0022
The classy cow pencil skirt
The first view
cow skirt_0032
long black top white white belt and white shrug
cow skirt_0036
The skirt is very fitted and so has a slit in the back for better movement
cow skirt_0035
cow skirt_0038
Second view

cow skirt_0044
I tucked my top inside to show the high waist of the skirt.
I prefer this look. Makes me look long and leaner

cow skirt_0041
Ok my butt is not really this big is it?? It looks huge in this picture!!!
Jennifer Lopez eat your heart out!!! lol
Maybe this is why it reminds me of a cow…Winking smile
cow skirt_0047
cow skirt_0050
cow skirt_0072
Here I lowered the belt at my natural waist line
cow skirt_0076

cow skirt_0062
cow skirt_0054
Here is a close up of my necklace for those of you who likes jewelry Smile

another view

cow skirt_0090
White top, white belt
cow skirt_0108
Another view
cow skirt_0134
Glammed up with a silver belt
silver looks sharp!!
cow skirt_0146
cow skirt_0156
glammed up with gold accessories
cow skirt_0149
another view

cow skirt_0122
This is a top I made last summer. A fitted black blazer would look great with this or a slightly fitted frilly cardigan…

cow skirt_0124
I can wear my small polka dot belt again….only on the first hole and that’s sucking in! lol
cow skirt_0126

See you later!!