Friday, September 20, 2013

End of summer country outfit

Hello folks, I've got to get in this last summer outfit before summer ends!!! It's almost gone! bummer!! Summer is one of the best times of year for me, I love to be warm!!! but not too warm, I do not like the foggy stiffling mugginess that our Maritime weather sometimes brings but right now we are having a beautiful end of summer beginning of fall. The leaves are turning color already at my house, I have a nicely colored red tree. We have lots of colorful dogwood with the pretty red berries up high in the trees, sign of a hard winter I've heard it said but I don't believe it because we had lots of dogwood berries another year and we practically got no winter. Anyways!!! back to my outfit!!! Here it is!!! Very comfy cozy!!!

Excuse the messy blog post but by computer is my own fault of spilling water on it!! I have tried all the tricks of trying to dry it up but still no go. I am hoping that after a while it will work but I think I will have to invest in a new computer. I am on my husbands computer now and it sucks! lol It's a good thing I had put most of my pictures and videos on an external hard drive because now I cannot access anything on my computer...all my programs!!! sigh, I guess I've learned my lesson of not having any drinks anywhere around my computers!!...or have I?  I hope!!! hahaha
FYI...screw-on lids may not prevent your liquids from leaking out!!! Be warned, don't leave them on top of your computers!!!

Excuse the underlining of the words....for some reason this post will not let me not underline the rest of the post!??

the skirt is new but the jacket, I made it a while back

This is the whole outfit I made to wear together

There is a story here. While I was
making the front I happened to
snip right throught the front to the back.
Yikes, I thought, I've ruined my shirt.
Then I started talking to myself.
Use your creativety what could you
do to fix this, think!  And it came to me
Well you've already cut the back of the shirt
so you may as well cut it up good! So I sliced it
up and there you have it. A sliced up T-shirt with style!!!
I really believe where ever there is a will, there's a way
You just need to put a little brain power in there and figure
out a solution.
I could have worn this bare back but I didn't want to. I didn't have
the right kind of bra so it wouldn't show so I opted to wear a
tank top underneath.

I really like the yellow sweater with it, makes it look so summery

This outfit is late enough that I'll only get use of it next summer


Now I've got my groove on!!! Ride em cowboy!!! lol

I could wear this with a pink polka dot tie belt too

Or with a white belt

That it folks! The end, Kaput, there is no more.....until the next time!!!
Stay tuned when I reveal some surprises I've made

P.S. don't bite off more than you can chew!!! Got that!!??! :)