Saturday, October 29, 2011

disappearing toe

IMG_0001 (2)

I had a dream the other night, people were looking at my right foot that has been mangled in a car accident, it should be pretty obvious that I have problems with it as it is deformed but no one can see it but me. I’m exclaiming to the people looking at it.” Look can’t you see it!!!??”  “No we don’t see anything” is what they reply.The other toes are hiding the shorter toe. So with my hands I spread the toes on each side of the shorter toe and when I do that the shorter toe shrinks back into nothingness. It looks like it’s almost gone.  ….. “ Oh yeah ok, I think we see it now, yes it looks like there may be a problem ,” they say.


How bad does it have to be before you see there’s a problem? What about when they are gone? Will you see the problem when it’s too late? Sad smile