Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Is there sin in the churches???

I just have so much going through my mind I need to start blogging about it. I'm nobody special, I'm not a scholar or anything close to that but I do believe the holy spirit shows me things.  I'm just a common person with common problems that I need to sort out like everyone else. I don't claim to be perfect by far. I do sin but I try to do my best at not sinning and with what I know.  So I thought I'd start this blog to see if there is other people who go through what I go through or see what I see. I'm sure there are but I'm finding it hard to find them.
There are things that are not talked about in the church. It's all hush hush. I need to be real!!! So if you don't like controversial things, I would suggest you leave my page right now. I'm not here to be nice so don't expect niceness here, I'm not about niceness and I'm not about religion, I'm about truth so don't continue on if you can't take the truth. I love truth even if it hurts me right to the tip of my toes!  I'm ranting not teaching, or am I? I want to say what isn't being said. I'm tired of a lot of the things I see going on in the churches. With the different attitudes, lack of commitment, lack of compassion for other people, lack of repentance, indifference's, boredom, jealousies, unforgiveness, etc. etc. Oh I forgot the big one JUDGEMENT. Who are you to judge your brother? The bible says (and I'm NOT going to find the scripture for you where it says it, find your OWN scripture if you can't remember what the bible says)  that we are to judge the sin not the sinner but there is a lot of judging the sinner and a lot of looking down your nose at your brothers and sisters in Christ in the church and then you wonder why people aren't coming to church! HELLO!!! DO YOU HEAR ME??..... Why would anyone want to come to church??? I wonder why I go to church sometimes and I've been going to church for 14 years. We have to step it up and be who we are called to be. The lack of attendance, jealousies, backstabbing,boredom, etc. has to stop!! We don't want the only difference to be is that you can talk about Jesus there and I do believe that some of the sinners have more respect for Jesus than the people in the churches!!. Now I may be a bit dumb but you would think if Jesus is there amongst us it would be a bit different but it's not. So why is everyone acting like they are great???  Oh look at me, I'm so perfect, I have no sin, well none that I'll admit to anyway!! And if I do, I'll never repent of it, I'm saved by grace!!! It's pathetic. No wonder Jesus was happy to eat with sinners!!!
 The very nature of Jesus is based on Faith, grace and repentance. You can't have one without the others!  We are saved by faith when we believe through His grace by repenting of our sins. That means turning away from your sins. Does that only mean you only do that one time when you are first saved?? That is repent of your sins??  Well of course not, it's an on going thing!
  How often do you ask yourself if you are doing something that is grieving the holy spirit? Do you even care? I know I am preaching hard here but I believe there are a lot of people that need to hear some hard preaching! The sad thing is that if you read this far, you are probably not the one who needs it because the other ones already exited this page.