Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Who's voice is that?

I had a hard time going to sleep last night and so I only went to bed around 1:15 am. I laid there tossing and turning and then all of a sudden I realized I had left the keys in the car with my house keys on it and the car doors unlocked. "Ooooh so what", I thought I'm sure no one is going to come take my car or come in my house, but it kept nagging me...and the voices start.....You've locked all the windows and doors and you left your keys in the car..that's pretty pointless isn't it? You also left the Christmas lights on the window sill in the living room. I did tell you before you went to bed that probably you shouldn't leave them on (I had left them on for just a little light in the living room) What if they catch on fire? Well how will they catch on fire? They shouldn't, I can leave a night light on without it catching on fire so why would they catch on fire?  Well there is one of the sets that is older wiring, doesn't have the on and off switch on the cord to plug it in. You probably shouldn't leave them on. 
There is a chance you know, that someone could come into the yard and go into your car and come into the house using the keys you left there. You would regret not getting up then wouldn't you?...Is this the devil trying to get to me and make me worry? Devil you get away from me and leave me alone... Did you check on the fire? Is the draft down? On and on the voices kept at me... But I'm so tired, I don't want to get up!... You should though, if you don't you will just think about this all night and you won't get your sleep anyway. 
 You have another set of keys in your purse that's by the door. Just go and use the automatic door lock on your key, you won't even have to open the door, it should work from in the house. ... Yes I do! I won't have to go outdoors!...I had never even thought of that....ok I may as well do that then. So I crawl out of bed and make my way across the living room to the side door where my purse is. I find my spare set of keys after a while of digging through my purse in the half darkened room. My cat is at the door wanting to go out so I open the door and let her out and since the door is open I may as well press my button to lock the car door. Click....Oh no, was that the trunk? I just heard the trunk opening...I must have pressed the wrong button. Click, BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!!! Oh my goodness I'm going to wake my neighbors!!! I hit the alarm!!!!  Click,... now why is the lights in the car coming on?? Click.....the lights are still on....sigh  I'm still on the wrong button... that is to unlock the doors!!...Ok come on now, get the right button!!.... Click...there finally it locked and the lights are all off! I can go back to bed now, brrrrr it's freezing cold standing here in my little night gown and bare feet. Good thing I didn't have to go to the car to get the keys!!....................I turn to go.
Lee Anne?... WHAT?? .........You didn't close the trunk...Well I don't want to hear it!!!.... but it should be alright, yeah it'll be alright.... the light in the trunk comes on when the trunk is ajar.....Geesh!!! I don't want to go out there in the cold and dark!!! I whine .....  Do you want the car to be dead when you want to go somewhere in the morning?  Gosh I can't believe it!!! UGH!!!
I'm not getting dressed, there is no one around to see me, I open the door, scan the yard that's pretty lighted up by the moon and make a mad dash down the steps in my bare feet and to the car that's parked in the driveway and close the trunk and run back as fast as I can back into the house. 

I fall asleep sometimes in the wee hours of the night.

Had I listened and not neglected the voice I heard that day after I went grocery shopping and came left your keys in the car and you'll probably forget them there if you don't turn around and get them....but I put it off and thought..... Oh I will get my keys later...neglect, neglect.....later never came until 1:30 am.  And the lights, well I knew about those too. Trying to listen to that voice takes a lot of practice and discipline but well worth the effort in the long run. 

Sometimes I do it and other times I am lazy or neglectful, but I learn more when I don't and God shows me that I don't than when I do and don't realize it was his voice I obeyed.  Do you get that?

Let me explain it this way.... We can take God's voice for granted when everything is going well and not realize God is talking to is when we know what we should have done because we had that "gut" feeling or "something told you" but you didn't do it and something went wrong that caused you to say "I knew I shouldn't or should have done that" That is when we can see God more clearly and see that he speaks to us.
What we should be doing is listening to that voice and knowing that we are obeying it at all times but in our humanness we think about ourselves a lot and our own agenda and so we sometimes can miss or ignore hearing the great voice of God.