Sunday, November 27, 2011

a current dream

I'm standing on an embankment with about 10 to 12 other people close by and others that are farther away and we are watching the wicked current in the water where the water goes under the large bridge and leads into the river. There are people going by in the water and they look like they are dead,they just jumped in where the water was calmer and ended up in the current and I look at everyone that are watching them and they are just emotionless and I'm screaming at them, "how can you just stand there and do nothing!!???"  But no one reacts, they just keep watching it without concern or without thought to help them. It makes me feel so helpless and the thought crosses my mind that they think I should be like that too but I just can't. There is an urge inside of me telling me to do something, anything to try to help, it's better than standing there watching and getting ready to jump in. All of a sudden a lady holding up a baby that I know, passes by in front of us and she's almost drowning and she's saying help me but still no one reacts. I can't help it anymore, I have to do something!! I start going down the embankment trying to get to the slippery rocks and everyone is screaming at me," You're crazy!!! Don't go down there, You can't help them, leave them alone !!!" but without thinking about it I continue on and keep my eyes on that lady with the baby in her hands and the current is so bad that it isn't going in one direction but swirling viciously. It sends her back my way and with sure footing, knowing that I can do it but not caring if I can't, I step unto the slippery rocks and I bend over and grab a hold of her wrist and with all my strength I lift her and the baby out of the water. I bring them up on the embankment and when I put them down, they turn into cats, an adult cat and a kitten. They are dark grey in color and they are not doing well. They are not breathing so I give the kitten to my husband and tell him to resuscitate it while I look after the adult cat. I start pushing on it's stomach to pump the water out of the cat while I keep watch of my husband to make sure  he is doing  the same. Water starts coming out of their mouths and they start moving and I immediately start feeling guilty for having rescued them because they are suffering so and I think maybe they were better off drowning. I put them back in the water without thinking what I'm doing and then I think "What am I doing???, maybe they'll recover!!!" I grab them back out of the water and pull them back up. I wake up disturbed about this dream.

I pray and ask God for the interpretation.

There are people standing around not knowing what they are doing. They are watching the flow of the current in the world and even in the churches and wanting to go with it because it is easier. Not really questioning if it's what God wants or not. It's just where everyone is going and if everyone is going there it must be right, that is what they believe, and there is nothing you can do about it. so they jump in and they are dead but they think they are alive. The observers are seeing it but think they are helpless to do anything about it because the devil is too strong so they don't even try or even think about trying. Fear keeps them back and they deny their emotions because they think it is useless to have them as they believe emotions are not from God. They also think that maybe they should be doing the same because they are not trusting themselves to hear from God for themselves but believing what is being presented before them. They are deceived.
The observers don't want you to help anyone because it will be going against "the current" and that's wrong in their eyes. They think you are not right with God, or not hearing from God, but you see it so clearly that if they would just reach out, if they would just open their eyes and see what they are capable of and what is true, they could help someone too. If they would just be willing to go against "the current", to think for themselves, they could save lives and maybe calm the waters a bit.

When you pull someone out of the devil's hands they may suffer with the confusion from wanting to stay where they are comfortable or turning to God, but we shouldn't let go of them and send them back on their way but keep them by being there for them and praying them through, but even then it is their choice whether they go back in the current or go against it, but don't ever stop fighting for them.

God has shown me that when I dream of cats, they represent Him or His nature. So you see, someone may be in satan's hands but when you pull them out they can turn into His nature.

You may be afaid to jump out and take a chance on getting hurt but it's so important to do it and chances are someone may be on the embankment and may even try to trip you because they so believe you are doing wrong.  God says there is no greater love than just putting yourself out there, not thinking about your life but the life you are about to save. Stop fearing! or should I say, stop thinking about yourself so much and just concentrate on the person that is drowning. You have to let that urge take you, don't stop your emotions, God has given them to you for a reason. You may be wrong sometimes and that's ok. God doesn't love you less just because you do something wrong. He is proud of you for stepping out. He doesn't love you more because you do something right either, but do what you are called to do!