Sunday, February 3, 2013

Spring rain fabric and fashion designs

Hello peoples, I made some more fabric samples….and I went the extra step and designed a couple of fashion illustration outfits with the fabric I designed.
Here they are
This fabric series is called “IN THE RAIN”
blue rainblue violet swirls
Blue                                                                                      Blue-violet swirls
navy rainMisty rain
Navy                                                                                       Misty rain
rain swirlsviolet
big rain swirls                                                                      Violet

spring rain outfit
fabric blue-violet swirls was used for the top and Misty rain was used for the skirt.
spring rain dress
For this dress, big rain swirls was used and blue fabric was used for the inserts.

We can’t get away from those spring rains….. so we may as well enjoy them!!!!
Hope you have a early springy kind of day!!!