Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How to make your own quick and easy top and skirt without a pattern

You don’t need a pattern, just follow the instructions

I used double thickness for both the top and the skirt as I found the fabric too thin…. it turned out really a good weight with double thickness.
Sew as if you were just using one thickness unless you feel your fabric is thick enough then you only need one thickness.
Mine would have been see-thru almost and I didn’t want to wear a camisole or slip underneath.

The biggest stretch should go around you.
zig zag seam, center back
directions for top

Turn down about 1/2 inch on the neckline and stitch. Turn up about 1/2 inch on the hemline and stitch. Turn in on both armholes a little over a 1/4 inch and stitch.
Cut 2 10 inch stripes of fabric about 3/4 of an inch wide. These are the ties for the shoulders. It may be in the same fabric or in a coordinating fabric.
Tip: If you cut your armholes too deep it will not give you enough coverage in the front!! Better to cut a little bit and try it on.

Seam in the back

Don’t forget your ties and enjoy wearing your new top!!  You can also wear this top with one shoulder tied
and the other one off your shoulder or even no ties…. Play around with it and have fun…. make more than one!!!

The skirt

2 meters to be safe. It depends on the length you want the skirt to be.

Measure the front of your waist and add 1/2 inch each side.  Cut in a triangular shape to the length you’d like and
add enough on the bottom to make a hem…about 2" inch more.

my blue grey and black skirt and top 123

You can use a marker of chalk and a ruler to make your lines even. Should have a slightly wider base.
skirt pattern
stretch should go across your body!
making a skirt 002

making a skirt 006
use a zigzag stitch to sew stretch fabric
making a skirt 007
Sew sides together with right sides facing each other.

making a skirt 010
You may want to serge the edges but it is not necessary as the fabric will not unravel

making a skirt 008
a good seamstress will ALWAYS iron her seams! ;-)
making a skirt 009
You may want to iron the outside too being careful how hot your iron is depending on your fabric choice.

making a skirt 016
I have a sway back and a inward pelvic tilt so I have to curve the front waist about and inch or so. Also good to do if you have a slightly protruding stomach also.
If you are unsure what to do here. Try the skirt on at this point
and tie and elastic around the waist of the skirt while you have it on. Check all angles in the mirror and see
where is need to be lower.   It could be the back if you have a flat bottom and a small back.
You may want to taper the sides of the skirt down to fit closer.
It should fit well.
The hem line should be fairly straight as well.
making a skirt 015
Measure your waist snuggly and add a 1/2 inch  more for the back seam. Cut a 6'” strip of fabric on the stretch
lengthwise and cut to the length of your waist measurement plus 1/2”. This will be for the waistband.
making a skirt 017
Pin it at the sides of the waist skirt and stretch it to fit the waist and pin the middle of the
front and the middle of the back evenly. Use your chin if you have too!!! lol
making a skirt 018
making a skirt 019
serge or zigzag edge if you like
making a skirt 020
This step is important so that your waistband stays in place!!
Zigzag stitch just under the waistband seam with the fabric from the seam turned down
underneath your stitching.
making a skirt 022
Turn under the bottom of the skirt to wear you want it hemmed, pink and zigzag in place.

making a skirt 023
For a quick skirt no need to finish the edge.

making a skirt 024
You may want to find an old tag or ribbon to sew in the back of the skirt so that
you know what is front and what is back.
And there you have it a quick and easy skirt!!! Have fun and make many!!!