Friday, July 5, 2013

Healthy strawberry popsicles

No refined sugars

low calories

low fat

banana bread_3706

Hello guys,here is my recipe for healthy popsicles!!!

Now to start off, I researched how popsicles are made….it SAYS that they are 90% water but I believe that that’s hogwash…It’s taste more like 50% water and 50% sugar, syrup and food coloring I’d say but that’s just my opinion… and it’s a good one! lol

It also says that it uses a stabilizer. The sugars and stabilizers cause the pop to soften in the air so it is edible, instead of melting and dripping like an ice cube. Flavouring is highly concentrated and is usually some traditional fruit flavor and color.
So knowing this information, I did not want a popsicle that would drip like an ice cube and then all the flavoring would settle to the bottom and it would be half ice and have flavouring. I started thinking about what I could use as a healthy stabilizer and what else but the famous CHIA SEEDS!! I figured if it works for smoothies why not in popsicles!!! And so I used it!!

Here is the recipe I used, now this is the first time making them and they turned out good but I still want to tweak it a bit. I think the next time I would add more water as it didn’t drip enough for me. I would probably add a bit of fresh blended herbs and a bit more honey or stevia for a stronger taste although there was nothing wrong with the taste I just feel like I would want a more powerful taste instead of it tasting like strawberries only.

In a blender add 1/2 quart of fresh ripe strawberries and puree

peel and slice 1 apple and puree along with the strawberries

Add the juice of 1/2 lemon

2 Tablespoons of chia seeds.. you can get these at health food stores or super store in the health department. I know you can get them at Cosco’s in Halifax NS.

2 Tablespoons of pure unpasteurized honey

1/2 cup of water

Blend everything together well and pour into your popsicle molds

banana bread_3705

Oops I ate one!! lol


banana bread_3732

banana bread_3717

You can see the chia seeds in this one!! They gel when you soak them in liquids

The texture of the popsicle is in between a popsicle and sherbet with a slight crunch. Taste like strawberries with a hint of apples. I think they turned out pretty good for my first try. Being use to eating sugary syrupy popsicles they are hardly sweet enough for me but I could always add stevia since I now have my own herb garden!!! woohoo!!! I’ve got lemon basil which is delicious in smoothies. I have fennel, 2 types of mints, lavender and savory. I just planted them yesterday and I hope they will grow before I use them all up!! hahaha

banana bread_3721

banana bread_3733

If you were wondering what the little spout was it is too drink the popsicle while it melts!!! Isn’t that a great idea??! I bought them at Wal-Mart!!!

Let me know how they turn out if you try them!!!. I will be updating this page whenever I tweak my recipe!

later alligator

P.S. I think I might start making large men’s shirts…there seems to be a need for it, not that it’s really my cup of tea but….hey

P.S.S. I’m trying not to put so many pictures but I love pictures don’t you???  I never know which ones to pick!!! By the way, I tried to keep these pictures rated G!!! lol  There’s just something about food…….anyway we won’t go there! hahaha

Coming up soon…..NO POO!!!! Yup that’s right!