Saturday, August 3, 2013

Green beach dress that I made!!

Hey everybody, I found this great fabric at Fabricville, the top of the fabric is already smocked and so all I had to do was figure out what length I wanted it and sew up the side seams to fit my shape and there you have it, easy peasy japonesy!! So I made 5 of them!!! 2 for me and 3 for my daughter!!!!  Now I only got pictures of one and this is the one that I have. My other one  is sea blue and white and it’s see-thru so I could wear it as a cover up. My daughter Cara’s, one is denim blue (she really liked that one, very cow girlish) another one is a dark teal print and the other one, do you think I can remember?…nope…oh well, story of my life hahaha

My husband had taken lots of great pictures of this dress after the beach and I lost them!!!! I don’t know what happened but when I went to retrieve them they were gone and I had already deleted my garbage bin!!! Sigh  but these are ok and besides that you’ll meet my friend Wilson DeKastaway!!!

Wilson??? Where are you Wilson???

green beach dress_4398

green beach dress_4364

green beach dress_4367

green beach dress_4370

green beach dress_4383

green beach dress_4388

green beach dress_4390

green beach dress_4392


green beach dress_4407

Wilson, are you ok??? You look a bit funny upside down.

green beach dress_4409

green beach dress_4410

There you go, that’s better. I’m glad to see that you are so happy and doing well!!! You don’t talk much do you? You are one of those silent quiet type that just sits around and smiles all the time. Sometimes I wish I was more like you Wilson buddy!

green beach dress_4413

green beach dress_4394

awww my friend Willy

green beach dress_4396

Ok Wilson, time for you to go, see you later!

green beach dress_4391

green beach dress_4393

Wilson, what are you doing? Why are you still here??

green beach dress_4397


green beach dress_4373

Woooooh, I think he’s gone now!!!

I had better pictures…. ugh, I am upset that I lost all those neat pictures taken by the sea in Meteghan NS somewhere, and I am NOT taking them again…so there you have it, Wilson and I, lol

What I am doing right now….I am working on another dress, I have another wedding gown to alter, blinds to order and my house to clean. I just made strawberry jam and hoping it turned out.This one is not for me it’s for my husband, high refined sugar!! yuck….well kind of, I have to say I still like the syrupy sweetness but when I think about that it involves 4 CUPS OF SUGAR it’s pretty yucky!!!

I cleaned my cupboards out too and I have to find someone that is willing to take the dishes and mugs that I don’t want out of my way, any takers???

I still have a stack of fabric that I need to make clothes out of for summer. I’d like to get rid of it soon so that I can stop looking at it and start concentrating on fall clothing. My daughter is home for a couple of weeks!!! I’m sure she’ll want something while she is here!! Maybe I can make her something and take pictures too!!!

Oh I made jewelry and I’ll be posting pictures of that one of these days along with a few other things that I’m doing if the weather wants to co-operate!! My veggies and herbs are growing nicely for having planted late, like the beginning of July!! I just found out that the herb mint is invasive and will take over my garden if I don’t move it so I may have to search for a large planter to contain it or make another bed just for my herbs.

I am also working on a little project outdoors whenever it doesn’t rain, and at the rate I’m going I may finish NEXT YEAR!! I thought I would dig a path in front of my flower garden and add some pea gravel on it to make it easier to mow around there. Every time we mow the grass ends up in my garden and makes it look bad and with the sod that I am digging up I am filling low spots in the lawn. Take from the rich, give to the poor! hahaha Well enough with the babbling, I usually don’t babble but today I am, probably because I lost my pictures and I barely slept last night and I’m really
So there you have it, the babbling idiot is going to bed, goodnight!!!!! lol

P.S.  I’m just about finished my secret project that I am doing for my aunt!!! I am so excited!!!! I worked really hard on it. Look for it soon because I’ll be sharing it with you all!!!