Friday, August 9, 2013

Mother and daughter dresses I sewed up in a couple of afternoons

Heart of my heart, I have always seen pictures of mother and daughter dresses and I think they are soooooo cute!!! I’ve always longed to make some but my daughter is all grown up now and the mother and daughter dresses I’ve seen was for toddlers and for whatever reason I never clued in that I could still make matching dresses even though my daughter is grown. She is home for a couple of weeks and of course she wanted mom to make her a dress or two and we were looking at fabric and I was showing her my dress that I had just finished making and she liked it and so I thought it would be great to make her a dress slightly different than mine but with the same fabric and it happened that I had just enough to make her one. I think they are so sweet and they turned out great!!
This is the fabric we started with. It is a greyish beige with white, black and aqua flowers.
Here is Cara’s dress
cara walking
My husband Leon was saying how he never realized how much Cara looked like me. In this picture, from behind, If I hadn’t been the one who took the pictures I would have a hard time telling if this was me or Cara.
Here is some fancy close up shots of Miss Carabelle, just because….
Being her age, we thought it would be appropriate to have a peek-a-boo lace insert. We worried that it wasn’t proper that maybe it would show too much belly but we figured that if it was too much she could always wear a belt. But I believe it looks elegant and decent and does not show too much. Cara loves this dress and it makes her look taller and slimmer!!! A great dress for her!!
This dress was made without a pattern. I just used one of her old dresses as a guideline to make this dress. This dress is semi-fitted which gives the dress great movement and it not restrictive at all. Comfortable to wear and the fabric has a bit of a stretch to it too and so does the lace insert.
Cara did not want her dress to be fitted so we left it a bit loose.
Cara and Minou 2
Here is Minou, she has to get into all my pictures if I’m at home photographing. She acts like she hates the camera but she’s always in the pictures. lol
Close up detail of lace insert. The top is like a little crop top, the edges are finished on the top and the bottom of the skirt and then I sewed the lace on top by pinning it to the top and bottom and sewing along the scalloped edges with black thread.
The neckline and armholes were serged with a serger and turned in and topstitched. If you do not have a serger you can use a zig-zag stitch on your sewing machine.
Here is Minou again, giving Cara kisses.
This is my dress
Mine is shorter with the black lace on the bottom.
My Pics with Minou

More pics with Minou
my dress is fitted with an empire waist and darts. I used simplicity pattern 9481 for this dress and adapted it to my liking.
Can be worn with or without a belt
I changed the back of the pattern with a deep v back neckline.
I did not put a zipper in this as the fabric is stretchy enough to pull over your head and the neckline has a big enough opening but if I made it again I think I would add a zipper just to make it easier to get in and out of  as my waist is small compared to the rest of me and that area has a hard time getting over my large shoulders or hips!
Looks good with a belt also
Feather earrings from the dollar store!! Cha ching!! haha I love them and they are a perfect match for my dress!!!
If you look at my shadow you will see that I’m really a little monster!!! lol

Cara and I together
Cara and me long shot
Cara and I holding hands

Just being goofy

Look at those perfect teeth!!! lol
That’s it folks, the end, finished…..until the next dress that is. Sorry about the tons of pictures but I'm not good at choosing only a few but i'm working on it!!!
Coming up next is a revamp dress with my fat swollen frozen mangled lip. hahaha