Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cara’s green flowered with fake leather jacket



Here it is, Cara’s jacket!

I made this for her as a surprise. She didn’t know she was getting it. I had seen this fabric at Wal-Mart and thought it might look good on her as green is one of her favourite colors and so I bought it. One day while we were skypeing my video was not working but hers was and so I held the fabric up to the screen so I could see if it went well with her complexion and it did!! She had no clue what I was up to. So I sewed her up a little jacket and tried to make it fairly warm as those fall and winters are cold in Alberta!! It was a bit short on me and so I figured it should be about right for her as she is 5 feet nothing even though she might claim she’s an inch taller!! lol I don’t believe it!! Anyway I sent her the jacket and I think she may have been a bit disappointed as she was pregnant and I think she was hoping that the surprise was something baby oriented. I had started making the jacket before I found out she was pregnant and so I decided to send it to her anyway. I figured she might have a few months to wear it. She found that it was a little too short and was showing too much of her belly. I guess her top half is the same size as I am but her bottom half is what is shorter than mine. We are actually the same size although I am 5’4”. She had decided to keep the jacket until next year and when I came up to visit I could adjust the length but since she lost the baby I don’t know what she’s going to do……

Cara's jacket 010 

The jacket has shades of seafoam green and black swirly flowers.

Cara's jacket 011

I trimmed the jacket with fake leather

Cara's jacket 012 Cara's jacket 013 Cara's jacket 014 Cara's jacket 015 Cara's jacket 016 Cara's jacket 017 Cara's jacket 003 Cara's jacket 004Cara's jacket 026 (2) Cara's jacket 024 (2) 

The jacket has two pockets in front, you can’t see them well as the jacket fabric is kind of camouflaged.



Cara's jacket 031 (2)  

The jacket does not look the greatest on me because it’s not really my color(and besides that I don’t think I’m wearing any makeup, yikes!!) but I figured I’d be waiting a looooooong time before Cara takes pictures and send’s it to me so….I’m it! lol

Cara's jacket 006Cara's jacket 007 Cara's jacket 009

The end, there is no more. :)  Yes there is but I didn’t upload them! Sorry if I put too many pictures!! I can’t help it!! lol I like to take many pictures so I can get a good one and then I don’t know which ones to put up if they all turn out good but I figure when I go to other peoples blogs I like to see a lot of pictures, I am not into reading the blog as much as I am into pictures and so, this is my style… ;) and a picture says a thousand words!!!


P.S. I have so many things on the go right now, I don’t know if I am coming or going creatively that is. I am making some fabric with pieces of fabric that I have from my discontinued fabric sample books and I don’t know if I want to make pants with it or a quilt! lol

I’ve got this really cool lace purple dress that I made and took pictures that I have to blog about, with a matching sweater!!

I have a entertainment center that I want to revamp. I have about 10 pictures I need to hang on the wall. I have housework that needs to be done,that’s not creative in my eyes though! hahaha. I have walls that need to be painted. I need to finish some alterations. My cupboards would need a good cleaning, some of them anyway, I already did some. I am in the living Christmas tree at church and I have 10 really hard songs(beauty and the beast type songs) to learn by Christmas Plus I think 5 more to learn for advent. Plus I am on the worship team at church and have to learn new songs there. I am trying to practice my guitar playing so I can get better at it so I can record some of my songs. etc. etc. etc. but it’s all good, I’d rather be busy than not busy enough. I do not like to be bored and am not bored very often. The only time I get bored is when I’m feeling really bad physically and I cannot muster enough energy to do the things I want. That gets me really frustrated at first but then it makes me sit still and just relax my body.

I’ve started going to physiotherapy lately and she has been giving me exercises and things to do for my body as I have problem with my neck, arm, lower back, hips and feet…yes I know, that is why I’m going to physio!!! That’s the joy of having been in a car accident and having your feet shattered, it messes everything else up too. Anyway to get back to what I was saying, she gave me these simple exercise to do and one of them was sitting in a proper sitting position with your back straight and to stack about 4 pillows on your lap until your arms are resting on them at about shoulder height and to sit like that for a little while….Well that was hard for me. I can’t do anything with my hands!!! I never realized how much I use my hands!!! or I knew I used my hands a lot but I never realized how much I don’t stop using them. They never stop, it’s either I am sewing,painting,playing guitar,doing housework,paperwork or on the computer or doing some craft, everything I do requires my hands and neck to be moving and so I really need to make a special effort to rest my arms, hands and neck. I think why I do this is because I can’t be on my feet as much as the normal person and so I try to keep busy in other ways so I don’t mind not being on my feet and I guess I have to not do that as much or take frequent breaks, like every half hour. I even have to set a timer because when I get involved in something I have total concentration and hours can fly by without me even knowing!! Oh well I’ll get it after a while!

talk to you in the next blog xox