Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year’s coat for January 2014!!

Ok enough teasing on Facebook lol. I finally posted this new coat!!! Yes I have got another one made! This is my January Jacket, just in time for New Years. It’s got just a touch of sparkle and  very elegant! A bit reminiscence of the Victorian era/medieval style.


I made my own pattern for this one by using old magazines taped together and draping on my dummy (that’s not me it’s a dress form hahaha) It worked out pretty good! I was pleased with the outcome.


This is how I made the bottom. I first made a straight fitted bottom and then I took the panels and cut them leaving a slight bit of fabric. I then spread the pieces to get the fullness I wanted and placed it on top of my taped together magazine pages(what a great way to recycle my old magazines!!!) and cut out each section. This made the back of the coat.

New Years elegant jacket
I used the black and off white plaid fabric that I had bought at Fabricville for the base color. I cut out the fabric on the bias (that’s placing your fabric corner to corner instead of lengthwise for you who do not know what bias is)
I used a two way silver metal zipper.
Some of these were fabric I had kicking around. The black with gold and silver fabric was a sweater I found at the used clothing store. The waist band black fabric is left over from a previous jacket, the black with shiny black I have no idea where it came from!
IMG_2098 (2)
Yes we have snow today!! Probably less than a foot so that’s not too bad and it is really a gorgeous day!!! Just beautiful!!!


The coat is a little longer in the back, seems to give it a more feminine feel.

IMG_2115 IMG_2116  IMG_2119

It’s swirly!!


There are pieces of fake leather here and there.

IMG_2125 IMG_2126

The coat is lined with a winter lining, in a rich gold color, actually I ran out of gold and had left over black which I added a couple of panels on the bottom skirt. Sorry I forgot to take pics!  Notice the cuffs?? They are from an old sweater I had! Love it!! hehehe


I added a fur trim in black to the hood.


I did something I have NOT done in a very long time, check it out below!!!


A  snow angel!!! :)

That is it ladies and gentlemen, the show is over!! lol

Do I like this coat as much as the last one I made? Yes and no, I like it more because it is more elegant and less showy BUT I like my more casual but dressy coat of many colors because I can wear it without feeling too dressed up, so really I don’t know which one I like the best but I think the scale tips more for my last one. You can see it here: Coat of many colors if you haven’t seen it yet. Which one do you prefer?


Well a lot of them of course!!! geesh lol

I have this extra large canvas I want to paint a painting on for my new living room just as soon as I figure out what it will be. My bedroom needs decorating and I’m going with black and white with aqua accents! Just put together a bedspread for my bed, look at this!!!


I’m loving these colors!!! I’m so exited about this project! I’ve got plans, I’ve got plans!!! We shall see if they work out ;)
This isn’t quilted yet. I have to figure out how I’m going to find quilting frames for something this size!!! I may have to use a hoop. It won’t be quilted to death, just straight quilting following the lines and quilting in the middle. This is a queen size bed and the sides touch the floor!! I still have pillow shams to make(haven’t figured out how I’m going to make them yet) and accent pillows and also I have to figure out what I what to do in the middle top of the spread. I’m not sure if I want to quilt a nice design or appliqué something in black.

Most quilts I have made I ended up giving them away to someone, well this one is mine, I’m telling you all right now!!! lol

Yes I sew in my bedroom! haha I also have a music room in there! AND that’s our tv room too!! (sheepish grin) Oh I have a vanity in there too….. What that’s not what bedrooms are for? ha! ;) The price you pay for having a small house, although it’s bigger than it was before but that’s another story coming soon!!

OH OH OH!!! I know you guys will think I’m nuts BUT I’m going to be making a February coat! Hopefully in time for valentines day!!! Yes YES really!!! lol

It might look something like these:

 front and back febuary coat illustration view 2 with tights front and back febuary coat illustrationfront and back febuary coat illustration view 2  

This would be my second choice, without the black pocket like that, just side pockets.

front and back febuary coat illustration view 3front and back febuary coat illustration view 4

My favorite is the queen of hearts with the white collar.  What one do you like the best?

What we did for new years? Had a quiet evening at home watching a movie and went to bed by 11:00 hahaha Nothing exciting here! But I did do my bestie’s makeup for her for New Years eve. She liked the makeup that I did that day on me and so she asked me to do hers. Here is a onsie collage I did for her

Ida's onsie in pinks

I put my gold necklace on her so that it would match her gold eye shadow!! lol

I think that the gold looked really good with her brown eyes!

 Ida's onsie

P.S. Things are not always what they seem to be, it is important to remember that!! Our mind play tricks on us!!!