Saturday, March 1, 2014

Let me take you for a walk in my backyard

Welcome, I hope you brought your fur lined boots and your winter jacket with your hats and mittens! Are you ready to go for a walk in the snow? Maybe you’ve never even seen snow before, well come on, I show you what it looks like!!!


It is such a beautiful day and it has been such a long time coming as we have been getting so much snow lately. The sun shining is a rarity and so you are awestruck when you step outside and look at the great beauty of our nature.

How can I say there is no God?


You step in the snow for the first time and you realize that it makes a dry crunching sound under your feet. The air is crisp cold and clean as you breath deeply filling your lungs with what you feel to be health and life going into your body. You step into the backyard and you look around and you are simply amazed at the site of thick fluffy snow on all the trees, none left uncovered, even the bushes and twigs. 


The sun is so bright on the brilliant white snow that it makes you want to put on your sunglasses! Good thing you brought them!!.


You haven’t yet started walking because you are so busy looking at all the wonderful beauty around you.

How can I say there is no God when all around creation calls?


You look up at the sky and you think it couldn’t possibly be any bluer and you are so happy that the sun is out and shining bright. You continue a bit further. Crunch crunch crunch with every footstep you take. It kind of makes you feel comforted somehow by the rhythmic noise it makes, almost makes you feel like counting your steps but you don’t you just listen to it peacefully enjoying the quietness of the morning with the only sound being that of your crunching feet in the snow.


You stop and examine some dead branches and are totally amazed by the beautiful delicate look that the thick fluffy snow makes on the branches. How could so much snow possibly stay on there without falling off? Good thing that there is absolutely no wind! Nothing is being stirred. You continue on. Crunch crunch crunch…


You don’t get very far as you stop to see more snow covered branches. You have to touch the snow to make sure it isn’t cotton because it looks so light and fluffy. The cold wet feeling tells you it is snow and you marvel at it.

How can I say there is no God?


again, you stop and look at the snow covered branches


So delicate and pretty



You put your sunglasses on for this one ;)

How can I say there is no God when all around creation calls?



You turn around and there stands the big old spruce tree, standing so proud and strong, it’s branches covered in white and it makes you wonder how long it has been there…and you notice the branches are like hands reaching up to the heavens….

How can you say there is no God when all around creation calls? A singing bird, a mighty tree, the vast expanse of open sea.


You pass by the little shed and think, this is going to be so cute once it’s finished in cedar shingles. You continue on. Crunch crunch crunch.


You stop and look at a bunch of dead grass and an old tree stump and think, Wow snow can make the least things look so pretty!!

How can you say there is no God?


You lift your head and look around and you are met with this silver white scene. You have your sunglasses back on of course. You take them back off because you don’t want to miss too much of the sun.


And this is what you see.

How can I say there is no God when all around creation calls?


You look back to see how far you have gone and realize you are not going anywhere very fast and you are still in the backyard but you don’t really care today, it’s not about the exercise, it’s about the creator and His creation and enjoying what’s around you. You continue on, crunch crunch crunch in a steady rhythmic motion breathing in and enjoying the fresh air.


Again you realize how bright the sun is, you can barely open your eyes and you think, is the sun brighter than usual or what? then you realize it’s probably just because of the glare on the white snow or because it’s been a while since you last saw the sun…


You start walking along the path that has been ploughed for you and you think, life is good, what a great place to walk in the backyard.

How can I say there is no God?


Come on my dear, we are going up the hill, yes up in those trees!!! yes yes, there is a path!!! Come with me, let me show you!


See it’s here!! We just have to go down the little hill and then up the big hill, it will be great, you’ll see!!! Come on!!!


You get a different feeling once you are in here, after you go down the little hill. It’s like you are in a different world here. You are not out in the open like you were before, you are in the woods. You can’t see anything around you except for trees. It’s cosy but it’s mysterious too. What’s in the woods you can’t see? Are there wild animals here? Well yes, but nothing that will bother you. You might see a deer or a rabbit, hopefully the bears are sleeping and the coyotes are somewhere else. Come on, let’s go on, my husband says he will look after us if anything attacks……..(hmmmm?)

Let’s climb the hill!!! puff puff puff….it’s good for ya!!! come on, it’s not too far now!! puff puff puff, crunch crunch crunch.


Everywhere you look from the main path has little animal trails going from it. It makes you want to crawl in there to see where it goes but you don’t because you’d look pretty silly crawling around in the woods…lol


You continue on in silence, there is no need to speak.


You feel the need to examine every branch, every twig or thorns sticking out into your pathway. It is like you are seeing it for the first time.


Everything is dead, yet it is so beautiful and neat. So pure and untouched


You come to these branches overloaded with snow in the shade. You are so tempted to shake the snow off the branches just to see it fall but you don’t because you don’t want to disturb it or get the snow all over you.


As you are walking you wonder what the snow taste like and you come to these branches that are level to your mouth and you stick your tongue out because you just can’t help taking a bite from that snow. It is cold and refreshing as it melts in your mouth and it makes you feel like a child


You are almost up the hill now, you can’t wait to go around every corner to see what you’ll find there.


You look behind you to see how far you’ve come and feelings rise in you that are so great you can barely express them. You are truly blessed by what you see and you have deep contentment. You just have a moment of deep peace and a sense of well being. Like you are exactly where you are supposed to be at this moment in time,and feel as if you must be the luckiest person alive today.


You stand here and enjoy it for a while, just basking in the beauty of it and enjoying the natural untouched beauty.

How can I say there is no God, when all around creation calls?


We are almost there, puff puff puff, we are getting our exercise now!


Phew!! We made it, we are on the top of the hill. We are in my neighbours backyard now, but I am pretty sure they don’t mind as they don’t live there anymore.


As you catch your breath you start looking around and all you see is snow covered trees as far as the eye can see.


You put your sunglasses on and you look the other side and you are struck with such a sight of snow white covered trees everywhere you look! It makes you feel like you are on top of the world looking down on this creation. It also makes you feel so small in a big world and a bit lonely but you shake it off because you know you are not alone, I’m right there with you silly!

How can I say there is no God when all around creation calls?


You continue looking around marveling at the vast amount of trees you see all around the top of this hill.


There are paths coming up the the bottom of the hill in all kinds of places. You see that someone must have been there before, I tell you that they are wheeler paths.


More trees and more trees, you have seen enough trees to last you for a while now, so you turn around and go back the same way you came from.


My husband says, Oh no, I think I hear a coyote! We run to hide behind him but we can’t find him anywhere!!! lol  No that’s not true!! hahaha  he protects us!!! ;) You tell him that it looks like he should have a long thick beard….


We start back down the hill, it’s just as beautiful going down as it was going up. Beautiful snowy views around every corner!


You look up and you can see the green of the spruce tree and you think that is just so awesome.

How can I say there is no God when all around creation calls, a singing bird, a mighty tree the vast expanse of open sea?


We are almost down!! Down goes a lot faster than up! crunch crunch crunch crunch!!


We stop to enjoy the scenery a few more times and then we make it back to the house but we can’t stop yet, it’s just too nice out.


We linger around enjoying the sun in the bright sky.


We go in front of the house and see this huge rock and my flower garden completely covered in snow.


We go into this little path that I made in front of my house and you see that is where my cats like to go too. By this time you figure I’m a crazy path lady and a cat lady too…. lol


You see this strange thing hanging on a branch and you get up close to see what it is.


You figure out that this is a little old pail that someone forgot to take down for the winter and you point to her and whistle! hehehe


You are amazed at how icicles form, drop after drop after drop while it freezes there.

How can I say there is no God?


You decide you haven’t walked enough, so we decide to go down the road for a bit. Those sunglasses help so much to take the glare off the snow! You think you kind of like this snow....


We go by the pond and it makes you think, where do the little animals and critters go when everything is frozen?


We get to our neighbor’s yard and we find this beautiful old clunker. He loves to get old trucks and cars and fix them up! Just loves it!!

IMG_3095 (2)

I am sure he sees them as treasures, but most people would see them as junk! He probably can’t wait to get his hands on it so he can fix it up so that it is usable!! I can almost feel his excitement when I walk by and see he has brought in another old clunker!!

How can I say there is no God when all around creation calls?


This is how God sees us, like we are old clunkers and he can’t wait to get his hands on us because he’s sees and knows what is inside, the potential that we have to make a difference in the world, to be his hands and feet. He wants to make us as new as we will let him. He wants to shine us up and make us run properly, just like He designed us to run. You see, we fell into the hands of the wrong people and some of our parts were misused and we became like this old car. He wants to take our rusty parts and put brand new parts in. He sees us as treasures, priceless. He will, like this buddy next door, except us in whatever shape we are in, some need more work than others but none of us are perfect, we ALL need a bit done! It’s just easier to see it when you are an old clunker like this.        You agree :)

How can I say there is no God when all around creations calls?


You stand around admiring this old clunker with so much character sitting in the snow. Fascinating after you realize that this is someone’s treasure. You continue on.


you see some more old clunkers and a little house on the hill.


You realize that it is the same thing with this house. It needs a bit of work, it’s a fixer upper! A treasure! Amazing what a little tender loving care can do to a house. If you have the ability you can turn this into a mansion on the hill!!! Just like God can do to you!! Would you let him come into your house? Maybe take down a few WALLS you've built that just doesn't look good in your house? Look underneath the carpets and into your cupboards perhaps? Do you feel like you need to do a little dusting first? It’s ok, he already knows the dust is there.  I’m sure if he opened all the windows and door and let you air out you would feel a lot better! I bet it would be like tons would be lifted from your shoulders, you’d feel light and airy!  Go ahead invite him in!! What do you have to lose? I know, some people are pretty comfy with their old clunkers and even though you know it could be better, you cling to it for dear life because it's all you've ever known, change can be scary!! But IF and WHEN you decide…. you know what to do.  You’ve already done it? I’m so happy for you!!! We can be old clunkers being fixed together!!! :)

By the way, I believe this little house is still for sale, has a lot of land

How can I say there is no God?


You put your sunglasses on and we keep walking down the road right to the main road and then we turn around and head back home.


We turn around and  walk back up the hill.


You squat down looking at the shadows in the road, you look kind of silly down there and so I tell you to get up! lol But the view is great!


Hit me! Yes that is what has happened to us too many times!! We are bruised and dented and that is why we need God to fix us up! We look just like this car! I know in my life there has been times, even many times, that I feel just like I’ve got a sign on me saying “hit me” and everything comes at me from all directions but God always comes to my rescue and makes it better. Sometimes he leaves some dents though, maybe as a reminder that He was there or to remember where I was when I got the dent so that I don’t go back there…or maybe just to keep me humble but that’s ok, the thing of it is, he has never let me down and I always have that assurance that He is there for me and he has helped me through every problem that I've had.


We are almost back home now, I know you are getting tired! You are not used to walking in the snow! But still it is such a beautiful day! We linger by the house enjoying the sunshine and watching the snow slowly melt.

  IMG_3112IMG_3114 IMG_3115 IMG_3116IMG_3113

We slowly climb the steps to go into the house to sit by the warm cosy fire and drink tea and chat.

Did you enjoy your walk in the snow? :)