Monday, May 5, 2014

Peacock outfit for Spring 2014!!!


Smokin’ hot?


cough, cough, cough   I don’t know where all this smoke is coming from…..I must have burnt something!!? hahaha


    I am loving my new outfit for Spring!!! C’est vrais!!! This is a fabric I got at Fabricville, Halifax NS. The feel is like a second skin, it’s so soft and peachified!! Yes that’s a new word!! check it out, it’s in the dictionary!! :P  (translators, peachified means that it is really soft like the skin of a peach, just said in a funny way, hehehe)

    • AND it matches my bedroom colors!!! How cool is that!!?? My bedroom theme is Peacocks And Paris for those of you that do not know. It’s not finished yet (I’ve asked the husband 3 times to finish the windows but it’s not done yet…I’m hoping that after he is done fishing he’ll do it…..or else, I’ll try to do it myself, he’ll take over in a hurry, that will get it done! Ladies, this is a secret trick, lol) but I will show you some pics as soon as I get it half in order which might be a while now because I’m pretty busy with work…no time to play….well almost no time but I always have to leave a little room for play. Isn’t that a good idea? :) All work and no play makes Lee Anne a dull seamstress…and we can’t have that!


    Colors are bright teal blue, green ferns, dark brown and cream, yellow and golds and a bit of white


    My teal feather dollar store earrings are perfect with the outfit!


    Pants are from Joe Fresh for 16 dollars :)


    Fashion!!!man!!!Fashion!!! :)

     _MG_3949 (2)

    “This girl is on fire”!!!  Well ok, maybe not but something is!!! lol

    I can wear this top with leggings or dress pants or jeans in a wide variety of colors.

    This top is made as a cowl neck but I can tie one or two shoulders for a different look.



    The bottom of the top has 4 points and has a cowl neck in the back also.


    Baby, you're a firework

    Come on, let your colours burst

    Make 'em go, "Aah, aah, aah"

    You're gonna leave 'em all in awe, awe, awe


    You don't have to feel like a wasted space

    You're original, cannot be replaced

    If you only knew what the future holds

    After a hurricane comes a rainbow


    Maybe a reason why all the doors are closed

    So you could open one that leads you to the perfect road

    Like a lightning bolt, your heart will glow

    And when it's time you'll know


    You just gotta ignite the light and let it shine

    Just own the night like the 4th of July”


    _MG_3967    _MG_3971

    I can wear my belt as a necklace or my necklace as a belt… I got it at the dollar store.


    Oops what is this is? I think I was feeling a little bit Gypsy or gangsterish!! lol Hey but it’s a great color and it goes well with my new outfit!! Anyways, don’t mess with me! I is tough :p


    See, this is my necklace belt.

      _MG_4000 _MG_4001 (2) 


    Baby you’re a firework, come on let your colors bust….. I got you singing again! Singing is good for the soul!!



    And here is the whole ensemble, drum role please?



    The matching skirt!! I love to make them separate so that I can make different outfits from them!


    Headband from the dollar store.


    Peacock hair clip from for a $1.29 that I ordered along with my lighting kit



    Purchased top from Avon I believe. Scarf is from the Pharmasave in Pubnico. Flower from the dollar store. Got to love the dollar store!! Yes, some might call me cheap but hey, why buy something that cost a fortune if you can have the same look for less?? I’m not the type of person to want to wear something over and over and so I don’t want to pay a fortune for it!  I LOVE CHANGE!!! Change of hair, change of clothes, change of purse, shoes, makeup, hair accessories, crafts, songs, places to go, people to see, things to do, entertainment etc. etc. etc. even changes in life sometimes…. even though those can be pretty hard sometimes but sometimes they are good for us!


    Matching peacock nails and eyes



    IMG_4134 IMG_4135 _MG_4234

    Teal greens,blues and brown




    Nails by moi (aka me)


    On to a more serious note


    We had a pretty sad week this week, my sister/mother like friend Heather Rhyno, passed away on April 27,2014. She and her husband Gerry were on a cruise to see the world when Heather had a major heart attack somewhere around Bermuda and her life was taken at the young age of 55 years of age. She will be greatly missed by all who loved her!!!


    These pictures were taken in Digby, NS a few years back.

    Gerry and Heather at lighthouse 013

    Gerry and Heather at lighthouse 005

    Gerry and Heather at lighthouse 015

    Gerry and Heather at lighthouse 014

    Heather being silly, posing for me to take her picture.

    Gerry and Heather at lighthouse 029

    Gerry and Heather at lighthouse 033

    We have many great memories with Heather and Gerry

    Heather gave the greatest of hugs, when she hugged you she hugged you with all her heart as a matter of fact, I think she did everything with all her heart.
    When she cooked a meal, it was good!!!  I don’t think we ever went to her house for a meal that it wasn’t good and we had a LOT of meals at their house. We got the full deal with meat and cheese potatoes with gravy,veggies,pickles, beets and always desserts, usually more than one! hahaha Lots of Sundays after church we would be invited there for dinner and then probably play some new game they had just learned and then curl up on the couch and rest and talk about all kinds of things or take a nap, whichever came first or at least Gerry did! lol

    When my daughter Cara went to the vocational school, instead of Cara having to travel or find someplace to stay while she went to school, Gerry and Heather asked her to stay with them since they were close to the school. They took her in so willingly and we will always be grateful for what they did, especially Heather having had no children of her own and taking on a messy teenager was quite a special thing.
    So many times we were invited into her home and made to feel just like we were in our own home, actually they just gave us a place to crash anytime we needed it or sometimes we would stay in their house while they were away to look after their house and feed their dog sailor. It makes us so sad to think she won’t be there anymore.

    She was buried today with a lot of people there saying goodbye but it’s not the last of the hugs we will get from her. We shall see her again in heaven. Heather was a member of the Salvation Army church and she loved it there! She believed in Jesus and knew where she was going when she died and so we will wait until we see her again and then there will be lots of hugging going on in heaven!!! But until then we will all miss her and her great hugs!!! So this is not goodbye my beautiful friend, it’s see you later, with all our love, we will never forget you!  xox