Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My sisters spring sailboat jacket 2014 And my fabric designs

My sister Darlene and brother-in-law Elroy who lives in Grande Prairie Alberta came home in Nova Scotia for a couple of weeks and so we talk on Skype every so often and I had shown her this fabric that I had and told her I would make her a jacket in time for when she came home. We have always been around the same size although she is slightly more slender than I am. I am fuller bodied than she is but we are still basically the same size and so I was able to use my size to make her jacket.  She tried it on when she came to visit me and I only had to make a few minor adjustments in the shoulders.

So after arguing about who was more photogenic (she thinks I am more photogenic and I think she is more photogenic than me!!!) I just think dark hair, brown eyes and dark skin photograph better

These pictures were taken in Shelburne county, NS


Causeway beach, Cape Sable Island


The print is little sailboats and the fabric is duck cotton, The other navy fabric is from Fabricville and it is some kind of vinyl leather looking  type fabric.

IMG_5253  IMG_5255 IMG_5254 IMG_5258


IMG_5274  IMG_5279

Jellohead’s boat, you never know what kind of nick name someone has….

IMG_5331 IMG_5332


Maw as my brother-in-law affectionately call her decided to throw a rock in the water next to his wife to see if it would splash on her… did ;)


awwww Uncle Elroy (my brother-in-law) helping Maw(his wife) out of the boat :) I don’t think she would make it out by herself with those heels!! lol


Maw trying to get up, hehehe


Our hubbies looking for kayaks in the river


There they are, right in the middle of the picture…they kind of look like rocks. These are fresh water Kayaks or Gaspereau in french. They are used for bait in Lobster fishing around here. Both our husbands are and were fishermen and so this of course got their attention.


Such a beautiful scenery here in Barrington Passage. We dared Elroy to get across and stand on one of those platforms, kind of hoping he’d fall into the water….hehe


And there he goes!


Does he make it???



Yes he does!! There he is proud as a peacock, I know what he is thinking….”who is the best and why am I????” lol




Darlene with the flag of Nova Scotia



They decided we would go as far as their old hunting camp in Blanche. We walked along this nice hand made trail and through a bit of grass to get to the camp.

Here we are inside the camp. I can not remember who Elroy said made those paintings. They are nice paintings.


took a few pictures in the camp

IMG_5428 IMG_5450

Sisters!!! :) Her and moi

This is when things went bad……we found 11 ticks on Darlene….she was just a hollering to her husband, Elroy Elroy get them off of me!!! Then we found four or five on me, 3 or 4 on Leon and 5 or 6 or more on Elroy. We skidaddled (that is slang for we moved promptly) out of there really fast!!! lol  There was some itching and scratching and squirming the rest of the day!! 

For those of you who do not know what ticks look like, here is a picture

THIS is what they look like once they stick their heads into you to suck your blood!!!! Ewwwwwww!!!!
Leon found one stuck in his ear a few days later. Yuck! Good thing it wasn’t my sister or she would have been doing some hooting and hollering!!! Some of these icky critters carry Limes decease which is not good!


So we went to the this lighthouse in Blanche where my Darlene and Elroy got right down romantic, hehehe

_MG_5382 Come on Maw, I will help you get to the big rock, says Elroy


_MG_5402 (2)

awwww  How romantic right??  A fishermen wooing his wife on top of the rocks, how cool is that??? And they have been married for years!
Talk about beautiful coastlines!! We have them!!!



Then he takes her back up to safety :)



By now we are quite hungry and so we head back to Barrington for some good food at……


The Lobster Shack
The decoration is sweet and natural for a big lobster fishing place. The wooden trap is what they used to use a few years ago but now most people have switched to bigger and lighter traps made of wire.



I was told by the part owner/waitress that the decoration was all junk that was found or given to them. The curtains are tea towels on a clothes line.

IMG_5456 IMG_5469 IMG_5479

And that was the end for my husband and I of a fun and great day with my sister and brother-in-law :)

I also gave Darlene the cute little country dress that I made a while ago and it fit her well.

See it here

That’s it folks.

P.S. It has been a really busy and hard month or so for me….I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it or not…Phew. There are times when life throws you blows and arrows that are just….well it just shakes you to the core I guess you’d say. Makes you question life and all its twists and turns. Things come up on you that you do not expect and some things that are so hard and hard to understand that you feel like you are going to drown in sorrow, despair and pain. You wish and you regret things that you cannot change and you wonder why, why does life have to be so complicated and hard at times and then other times it feels like you are on top of the world? What I know is this….the times that I have been into the worst trials in my life are the times I have learned about life the most, even regrets makes you do better next time. Life is a learning experience. I’ve heard some people say that here on earth is where hell is and I have to say that sometimes it feels like it but I know that it is not so because I have seen when I saw my children for the first time, I did not feel like I was in hell then, it was some of the most beautiful times in my life, or when someone gives you a warm comforting hug or does something truly special for you, that doesn’t feel like hell. Hell will not have good and bad things only bad feeling and deep regrets and an eternity without God.  If you trust in the Lord Jesus as the one who saves you and that took your place on the cross instead of you, you have no worries about hell. Yes I know, here is that weirdo talking about hell and God again. You can say what you want but just humour me for a minute. IF believing what I believe so deeply, that I did not share this with you, knowing as I know what Jesus did for me and you and I did not share and warn you, stay with me for a minute here!!! The day comes and you die and let’s just say it IS true and everything I am telling you IS true. You will not be able to say, Why didn’t you tell me? I cared enough about you to tell you what I know is true and if I did not try to tell you the truth of what I believe and know to be true, I would be a hypocrite and very uncaring Christ follower.

Sorry for any mistakes!! I am doing this in a hurry and so I am posting without checking for errors!!! Forgive me :)