Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pink paisley jean style jacket

This is the first jean style jacket I have made. I used a bought pattern for this one. Super great pattern but just not so great for my shape and my liking. I will show you the difference a better fit can make.


Don’t get me wrong, it is a beautiful jacket, it would just look better on someone else.


It looks pretty sharp and dressy in pictures BUT do you notice that the pocket is too high?


In this picture it is a bit more noticeable. Do you see where the pocket ends? Right in the middle of my bust line! looks weird to me!.The yolk is too high and the pocket is too high and not long enough. It does not fit my hand well and the jacket is a bit too short for my liking.

IMG_7510 IMG_7318

You can see that the blue jacket the yolk is a bit lower and the pocket curves to the underside of the bust. Gives it a much more relaxed and fitted look and that pocket is about 1/4 inch larger on each side so that my large hands fits in there comfortably. That’s the great thing about customizing your clothes!


I love the dressy casual look of it! Do you?


I did not like the straight back of this jacket pattern as my back is swayed a bit. You can see the crinkling in the back so I put in another seam in the middle and lengthened and curved the bottom.


I also lowered the back yolk by around 3 inches



Detail. lots of topstitching and buttonholes!



OK, don’t laugh at my Fred Flintstone label!!! hahaha   There is a story to this but I’ll spare you…..but my printer was jammed up good…I hope it still works!!!……This label was done with a marker on white cotton, you do not have permission to copy it, it is copywrited. It is the sole possession of moi, me. It is an original, really original..hehehe And crooked as all outdoors!!  I hope you enjoyed my jackets,

Goodnight :)

P.S.  If you haven’t seen my blue jacket you can see more views here