Friday, June 17, 2016

A bit of gardening is good for the soul

I don't know what it is about gardening but it seems like the minute I get my hands in it, it's like the world goes away. It's healing for me. Melts away my worries, problems and whatever is bothering me for a while. I wish that I could explain how it's like a quietness and peacefulness that comes over you, you can hear your  thoughts....and God's voice too if you care to listen. You get lost in your own little world, a world of beauty where your hands create the space that pleases you....but it's more than that, but not something I can really put into words...I am thankful that I like gardening and landscaping. I am thankful that I still have the strength to do it, even if it is on a limited basis. I think if my feet were capable of being on them all day, every day I could make a living at this. I am thankful I can push through things 💙💜💚❤️💖
Here is what I did today. 
This was a small bed and I enlarged it a bit. I think I may enlarge it even more eventually. It may take up the whole area by the end of the summer. I just planted 3 more plants in it. 

Planted those nice red ones today.

Have to find something to plant in the old shoes. 

I'm thinking little white flowers of some kind in there.



'Til next time, take care 💕😘💕