Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Life is changing, May update

Hi everyone, I haven't been blogging much, it seems my creative levels have come to a standstill, well almost.... If that were possible.  I don't know what is happening, something is changing, it feels like I'm waiting for something, something new in my life, going in a different direction or something.

I am now looking after my 14 month old grandson some days while my daughter works since they have moved back to Nova Scotia. I think it's important for me to do that more than anything else, I want to be sure he is well looked after and I know between his other grandmother and I, we can do that. When he gets a bit older my daughter will bring him to the day care where her best friend works and her best friend will look after him. So my days are filled with toys, stories, bottles and diapers, dadada's, and " Bob the builder, yes we can!!!"  Along with sweet kisses and adorable looks

Look at this sweet face, how could I not want to spend time with him?? Eyes as blue and bright as the sky and a smile that lights up his whole face and melts your heart!!!  And those cheeks soooo kissable!!! He is as bright as they come and learns quickly, you show him once and he is doing it! Since the two weeks he has come to Nova Scotia he has grown in leaps and bounds! Walking and talking, pointing and giving high 5's and shaking hands! Sooooo cute!  Can't wait for the weather to get warmer so I can take him on walks and play outdoors.

I'm still selling blinds and doing alterations and that keeps me busy too. I haven't worked on any more dresses lately but hopefully soon I will find time to play. Spring is here although there is not too much evidence according to the temperature, it is still not warm enough. I heard they had hail up Meteghan way. Yucky! I want to get out and do some gardening but the desire isn't there because it's too cold for me. I did one bed but I still need to do a couple more. I also need to get some colour in there. I can't have tulips because the deer eat them all!! Oh well, I love to see the deer in my yard. I think they know me when they see me, I have seen them watch me through the windows as I go about doing my work and when I step outside I sense that they recognize me....could be my vivid imagination too! Lol