Saturday, September 3, 2016

"A dream getaway"

This painting is from a digital painting  that I painted a few years ago. I really liked how the digital painting turned out and I wondered how it would look in Acrylic paints. So I tried it and I think I like the Acrylic version better! Much more richness to it I would say!  How about you? 

The idea for these paintings are not from a photograph but imagination. 

It's a place I would love to have. Doesn't have to be fancy, just peaceful and quiet. A place I can ride my horse( a horse I don't have) everyday with the wind in my hair and the sun on my face. A place of freedom, a place of peace with no one to bother you. A getaway when life gets tough and you need a change of scenery, a place to regroup and recharge your batteries. We all need places like this once in a while, what would be your getaway place? 
Digital painting

16 X 20  Acrylics on canvas.    $175.00 

For those who don't know what a digital painting is, it is a painting done in a special program on the computer. It has a blank canvas, paint brushes and paint and you can use a tablet with a special pen to paint with or as I started, with your finger on the touch pad on your laptop. Not quite as fun as the pen! 😳
It takes about a month to get used to painting on the tablet and looking at the screen on your computer, but once you learn, it's fairly easy.
 I did this for quite a few years as I am sensitive to paint and only recently started painting with Acrylics again. I don't seem to be as sensitive to the paint fumes as in my younger years. I believe it's because they make the paint less harsh than it used to be. 
Anyway, I really enjoyed doing this painting, very easy and relaxing. 

The next one I will be working on won't be as easy as it is a person. Someone had posted a nice portrait type photo of a man I know and I thought "oh that would make a nice painting someday" I saved it to my computer intending to ask permission if I wanted to paint it but now a year later I cannot remember what's so ever who took the picture!!? 
I will have to post the picture on Facebook(as that is where I got it from) 

The reason why i have decided to paint this painting of this man is because
He won't stop bugging me to paint it!!! Lol I told him last year that I had seen a picture of him on Facebook and asked if he would mind if I painted him someday, now every time I see him the first thing he does is  ask if I painted his picture! Hahaha, then I feel guilty because I didn't so looks like I will have to paint his picture so I don't feel guilty anymore 😄

Hope you enjoy my paintings 😊💖😊