Saturday, September 15, 2012

1990 Threads magazine ideas ,made new snake skirt


Hey peoples, check out my new skirt!! I decided to make a little project for myself. I have a whole stack of threads magazines(now all stacked in order of month and year) that I have all read but I haven’t tried many of the projects in them.

(Don’t tell my husband, he thinks I really need them) lol

I thought it would be fun to go through each magazine and pick something out and do it and try to modernize some of the clothing in the older magazines and put those magazines to good use. So I am, and from the first magazine I have, which is in 1990, I chose the “how to make a pleat hang straight” and “ how to make an overlapped zipper” and I made me a snake skirt! Let’s take it into fall!!!

Here it is, hope you like it!!


All tops and accessories are store bought


This is a fitted pencil skirt with 2 darts in the front and 2 darts in the back. Chain jewelry that I had and was broken has been sewn between the 2 darts in the front of the skirt for a touch of class. The zipper is green and overlapped in perfect alignment with the seam. The waistline has a self facing and is finished simply and neatly.  The skirt has a slit in the back for better movement and has been cut out in a way that the pleat hangs straight especially if you have curves. The fabric is polyester cotton I believe.  Nice wash and wear material.

I bought the fabric at Fabricville, my favorite store!!!

PIC_1679                                                                                  zipper



back slit with the sewing line on top of slit sewn on a slight diagonal which you can’t see in pictures as the black thread blends into the fabric perfectly!



Front chains




Sorry,still under construction at my house, need moulding. hehehe






There is a pleat and a overlapped zipper here but it is so perfectly aligned that you can barely even see it, good job Lee Anne!!….Oh thank you, thank you very much!! lol

This fabric is awesome, sews so well!!!






I can wear it with a belt if I take off the chains


You can see the slit well in this picture




Another way to wear it


Matching nylons!!! How about that!!! I just pulled them out of my tickle truck!!!







I have to stop buying animal prints before I start hissing or growling or something like that!!! lol


Have a great sewing day!!! Open-mouthed smile later


Oh!!! stay tuned for the next episode of what to make from threads magazine. From Threads Feb./March 2000, I chose, “sewing without pins” and from page 44 “Gores Galore” (on the bias) = (modernized) Can’t wait to show you!!!



Gores Galore skirt