Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Things I shot lately ;)

Most of you probably know about my new Canon t3i, I've been shooting up a that doesn't sound right to someone that has to translate this!...Sorry, it just means that I have been taking a lot of pictures of practically anything that seem remotely interesting...and some things that aren't but that's the fun of taking win some and you lose some.
The weather being so cold at this time, I just wanted to stay in the house to take pictures. The house is still under construction and everything isn't finished yet so I have limited things to take pictures of.
I'm not really uhmmmm how do I say this? I don't really have a lot of nice things. I guess I don't like spending  a lot of money on things or it's not a priority of mine I guess. I love a nice home, don't get me wrong and I love to see other peoples houses that are fine and fancy but I guess I just chose to spend what little money I have on other fabric!!! wooohooo!!!  and sometimes musical instruments. I have a keyboard and a guitar a nice microphone.
Anyway, I had to do some practicing with all the different settings. I really like the depth of field setting on the camera, It is great!! I love it!!
So, here are some of the things I took while practicing with the camera techniques.

My bedroom clock, I like my clock

Can you see me? I was wearing a light aqua blouse

this is one of my feather earrings and my reading glasses so I can see!! lol

 a clothes pin, well that's interesting!! lol

 Some butterflies I cut out of paint swatches

 The bottom of my makeup mirror

 I put my buttons in a pretty jar

 Some more button's in a jar with a peacock feather!
 Now this is a dressform that I made with clay.....but it went and cracked on me when it dried (boohoo)
And the funny looking thing laying against it is a flower I made.

 I plan to make good use of these babies sometimes when I make a mosaic! I've always wanted to make something in a mosaic.

 This is the frame of a mirror I have. I bought it in Halifax at Home Sense and when I got it was broken (boohoo) I could have cried...but then I thought I can always put another mirror in it or a nice picture..       I just love the focus on this and the great depth of field!!                                                                                                                                        
Here it is again with the focus on the other end

Always got to have some of these on hand. You never know when you can use them for something.

One of my favorite books that gives me ideas of how to make different sewing patterns!! Love it!!
"Designing apparel through the flat pattern 6th edition" by Ernestine Kopp/Vittorina Rolfo/Beatrice Zelin/Lee Gross

My sewing stuff and glasses to see it! lol

My temporary draperies in the bedroom

Button's in a clear plastic bag
I love the way this turned out. I made it a bit over exposed and it made it look misty and soft.

My black hats
Put your flowers in a cute little bag...fake ones of course....

Supper!!!! LOL  Yummy pan fried haddock!!!

a glass of water!! Now we are getting interesting!!! lol
The television screen!!! Prison Break!!! Great show!!!
Honey Melon snack drizzled with honey

I still saw some of this white stuff around today but I have hopes that spring weather is just around the corner!!

Tissue paper flower that I made

The hairpin flower that I made

Some of the fabric colors for my next jacket...hopefully starting it tomorrow.

Have a great evening everyone!!! Don't worry, be happy!!!