Friday, April 19, 2013

Tasty green smoothie, yes there is such a thing!!!

I've been reading a lot about nutrition and I'm seeing everyone talking about this green smoothie made with veggies, mostly greens. Have you ever tasted greens? Can you imagine them in a drink? Oh yes they are so good I think I'll drink this...NOT. So I tried it a few times anyway just because I wanted to eat something really healthy and get all the benefits.The first time was alright I managed to get it down but the second drink was horrible and made me sick to my stomach. I think I'm having problems tolerating Kale which is a dark green leafy vegetable. So I decided that green smoothies were just not for me and concentrated more on other nutritions but I kept hearing so much about green drinks and smoothies and how good they are for you and that you should have them every day and I decided to try them again. As I was browsing on google for green smoothies I happened to find one that said, "Tasty green smoothie"  and I thought, "hmmmm tasty and green" can it really be? Curiosity won and I clicked on the link and this young lady who seems to know what she's talking about is explaining all the technicalities of why a green smoothie doesn't taste good and how to make a green smoothie taste good.
 Here is her video if you want to know more about it.

So there you have it, sounds logical to me so I decided to try it. She was right!!! It does taste a lot better than what I was doing. Taste like fruit instead of greens, YAY!!! I have just started drinking them everyday now. I try to drink 2 a day, breakfast and lunch and then I have a whole food usually cooked supper. That may change someday but as for now that is all I am comfortable doing. Having done the raw thing for 2 weeks I know I felt a lot better and clearer and would like to feel that way again sometimes. Now that I know what fruits to avoid for Interstitial cystitis I probably could do it but I'm not sure how long I could do it without missing my "warm" cooked foods, especially in the winter. I'm so cold!!! lol

Smoothies are so easy to make, you don't have to cook anything! Great for lazy people!! lol Just freeze a bunch of fruits and throw them into your blender and blend blend blend, pour into your glass and rinse your blender and drink up!! Yummy and healthy feel goodness!!!

We have to look after our body, it's the only one we have!!! When is the time? NOW, NOW is the time to do it, start today or tomorrow after you get your fruits and veggies and start feeling good. Just start with one meal a day and substitute a fruit smoothie and then later when you are used to it, throw in a green smoothie and then start having 2. You will probably start craving them after awhile, I know I do. Gotta have my smoothie. Sometimes after supper if I'm still hungry and I am craving something nasty I will make my healthy chocolate shake. You see my weakness before this diet was Chocolate icecream, I was totally addicted to it!! Had to eat it every night almost!! Thought about it first thing in the morning and tried waiting all day to eat it. I know, it sounds awful but it's true.
How did I let it go? I made a healthy smoothie that satisfied my cravings for chocolate icecream and now I do not crave it at all!! I actually have cravings for the healthy chocolate icecream although just once in awhile not everyday. I use 1/2 tsp of cocoa powder and 1/2 tsp of carob powder since I cannot tolerate too much chocolate.

Here is my recipe for the green smoothies that I make. This is 2 servings of about 12 oz glass which is 1 1/2 cups x 2 = 3 cups all together

I use a bullet blender which is just a small blender and so I have to do it a certain way to get this much.
You could always half this recipe for a one serving.

In the blender pour about 1/2 cup of water
a good handful of baby spinach, you can substitute for whatever you like
a good handful of romaine lettuce, or kale, Try to chose the most nutritious
1/2 pear, mango, or strawberries
7 or 8 raspberries
7 or 8 blueberries
1/2 apple  sweet apple for Interstitial cystitis
1/2 orange, less for me, not good for Interstitial cystitis but I love a tangy taste
1 tsp pure vanilla, without alcohol
1 tsp pure honey, unpasterized (best to omit for faster weight loss if possible)
I use honey with royal jelly. (Some people may be sensitive to the royal jelly)
Blend all ingredients until smooth

Now here is where I half this portion and pour it into a glass and cover the top with plastic wrap. I then put it in the freezer to keep the nutrients as long as I can. Smoothies are to be drank as soon as possible for best results but I think it's ok for a few hours as long as it is cold.
Take it out of the freezer about 1/2 hour before using to thaw.

Slowly add pieces of frozen banana until you have the desired thickness.
I love mine as thick as I can get it!!
Enjoy your smoothie.

Here is mine.

 This is what it looks like before I added bananas

Tip.... If you cut up your bananas with your fingers instead of a knife they will not stick together so much. Place them in a freezer bag and lay them flat. Works great!!

This is after I added bananas, yummy yummy!!!

 Now how could you not like this???

Hope you have a great and healthy day!!! xox