Saturday, January 5, 2013

pictures and video of the day...snowflakes that stay on your nose and eyelashes

Hello everyone, we finally had enough snow so that I could take snow pictures!! Snow can be so beautiful!! Here we are in our backyard in the cooooold snow!!

This is the path behind our house going up to the big hill.

This is a video of the beautiful snow coming down. I repeated the video to finish the song.

                               The song playing is called "Something so strong"

My husband, Leon

We decided to go back in the woods behind our house to take pictures up there and the next thing I know my husband is wearing huge bright day glow blue fishing gloves and green rubber fishing boots.....sigh lol  I wanted to take a full picture of him but he wouldn't let me! lol

The original owner's of the house we bought died and his ashes were scattered in our backyard on top of the hill so his family comes and places a wreath each year as a memorial to him.

Me: Why don't you take the pictures, you have longer arms
Him: I can't do it with these gloves!
Me: Rolls her eyes, why did you wear those gloves?
Him: It's all I could find...
Me: sigh

It's cold enough to bring tears to your eyes!!!  The wind was cold up on the hill

Hope you have a great snowy day too!!!