Monday, July 25, 2016

Love bites for Brody!!

I found these cute miniature cupcake liners and I
thought it would make the perfect size cupcakes 
for my grandson Brody

I am always on Pinterest finding recipes among other wonderful things and so I found this recipe for vanilla cupcakes. I did not add as much sugar as it called as I don't want the little one to have too 
much sugar so I skimped slightly.Here is the great recipe I used...

I started  to put strawberries inside the batter but then I thought....
I don't like cooked fruit and wasn't sure if and how it would cook so 
I only added strawberries in a few. Turned out fine though.


After they were cooked I wanted to make them a bit more "healthy"
 so I scooped out the middle and added cut up strawberry pieces.

I made a flour frosting with flour and milk cooked in a pan over 
medium heat until it thickens to the consistency of frosting and then I added beating it well,
a small amount of sugar, just enough to sweeten it, probably 1/4 cup, I also threw in some cut up 
strawberries too.It usually asks for 1 cup of sugar but again, I didn't want too much sugar for Brody. 
Then I frosted the cupcakes and added another piece of strawberry on top.

This one is for Brody



He liked picking off the strawberry on top

Brody cuddling with his mom enjoying his little cupcake

Mine! 😉


This is what I did with the left over middles from the cupcakes
I cut up more strawberries added a dab of frosting and a tablespoon
organic sugar covered it and put it in the fridge until it was juicy. 
This was a great snack for me!