Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Blogger has deleted my blog!!!! The nerve!!!!  I hope I get it back soon!!!
Some "NICE" person decided to put tons of spam in my comments... and blogger doesn't like spam and so it is automatically deleted.. :(  They really have to do something about that because it is not my fault if someone else fills my comment section with their trash.... I followed the rules.... but I still have this blog that I can continue on for a while until they give me back the other one.. I would hate to think that I'd lose all that content for nothing!!

I've finally finished my "real jacket"  I call it "my coat of many colors." Now I've got to wait for a day when it's nice so I can take pictures of it along with my matching skirts than I made a while ago that you haven't seen yet. I've got to start making some tops now...I'm in desperate need of some....and they have to match the rest of my outfits. I need some long sleeve ones because I'm expecting it to get cold soon. Last year they predicted a cold winter because there was a lot of "arbre de cormier" I can't for the life of my remember what it's called in English....but they were everywhere and beautiful!!! I took lots of pictures of them behind my house. Anyways, they say when there are a lot of the red berries around that it means it's going to be a really cold winter...well, that wasn't so....we had one of the mildest winter last year, so I predict this year, since we have no berries on the trees at all that it's going to be a cold one!!!  I've got my wood stove ready, moved it from the basement to the living room now so I'll be good and toasty. Now that my house has almost doubled in size it doesn't heat the whole house like it used to from the basement but now our living space is on the main floor so we only need heat up there.

Heat, that's another story....good thing we have a wood stove because electricity is costing an arm and a leg!!

My brother being silly and hiding behind an umbrella

I had decorated with these berries everywhere last year but this year I had to buy some flowers

You may use these pictures if you like :)
Have an awesome, super-de-duper, exciting, fun, day, evening, night or whatever the case may be!!! Just have a good one!!!