Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Well they bug me!!!

I know some of you are probably searching for my blog  but blogger deleted it because of spam!!! I've read up on it and I've heard other bloggers have had the same problem, sometimes more than once :(   but it is usually returned to them within a week or so....I hope this will be the case with mine. I can't live without my blog!!! lol

Please be patient and come back and check later next week. The ones who follow me via facebook will be notified if you check my facebook but the others will have to check on this blog. I hate that blogger did this to me and to you guys too, but it's their policy and they don't tolerate any spam and someone came and spammed me!!! The nerve of some people!!!

People who bug me...well, they bug me!!!  Why do people have to be so annoying?? Like the telemarketers, why do they have to call everyday and ask the same things?....don't they understand NO......I'm not interested!!? Ever!!! and will never be!!! Click!!!
  If I wanted something, I would go and find it myself...sure put all the ads you want but do you really have to shove it down our throats?? gag gag gag.....
OH and just to let you know....IF you put stupid comments and your blog name on this or any of my blogs just so you can advertise your blog, you can bet your boots that I won't be going to your blog, I'm just that stubborn and you annoy me .... but if I come across it while browsing and you have something that interest me then it will be my pleasure to take a look and enjoy the work I know goes into it.

Here are some humorous and not so humorous quotes and pics for you all to look at


Isn't this funnily annoying??!!  lol

not you tho...just the annoying people!! :>)


now that's annoyance!!

hahaha  I'm starting to understand this one!!!

Eagerly awaiting for my blog " a little bit of this and a little bit of that"to come back to me.... ;>)

Have a great evening everyone!!!