Wednesday, December 26, 2012

handmade roses

Hello guys, I hope you had a great Christmas, mine was quiet without my children home but wasn`t too bad. Had great breakfast to my cousins house and then we went to pick up my brother to have a turkey supper at my house. We visited all the family to wish them merry Christmas.

I have been making flowers here and there....I have had a really sore arm for almost three months now, can`t sleep, can`t get dressed or undressed, can`t lift my arm more than about 8 inches, can`t close car doors, can`t put my seat belt on, can`t walk too much or use my arm too much or I get wicked pain in my shoulder, elbow and wrist....I believe that it is a combination of tendinitis and Fibromyalgia and so does the doctor. I`ve been on anti-inflammatory drugs for a week now...I think I might see a slight improvement...I`M HOPING because I am really tired of this!!! Anyhows, my daughter Cara is anxiously waiting to get married someday and she is dreaming of her wedding and what she would want. What colors she would like and so on. She wants her mamma to make all her flowers by hand. So mamma thought she`d start early so she can have an abundance made by the time a wedding roles around! lol
I can make many different color schemes and then she can choose whatever color she likes the best.
 So coming back to my extremely sore arm and lack of sleep for 3 months, I haven`t been able to do much so it leaves me with plenty of time to make the flowers as they are not too hard to make with only an arm and a half. hehehe Thank God it is not my right arm!!! I`d be going totally crazy by now....

Here they are, I am very pleased at how they turned out!! I think mizz Cara beeb will love them!! (Beeb is babe in french for those who don`t know)

Oops I forgot to pick up the one who flew away!

makes a great decoration

I am also making fabric flowers and yarn flowers for my hats like the blue one in the middle

These flowers have many uses... you can use them to decorate your Christmas tree...put them in pretty bowls.... glue them on head bands, use them for background photography, decorate you reception area, flower bouquets etc. etc.
Let me know if you would like to see a different color and I will make some up for you!!

Have a great flower day everyone!!!