Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas everyone!!

To all my blog friends, I wish you a Merry Christmas to those who celebrate the birth of Christ and to those who don't, well Merry Christmas anyway.... It's still Christmas in my part of the world and wishing you a Merry Christmas is not a bad thing. Love, good will towards men is what I'm wishing you. Peace, joy and prosperity. I hope there is nothing wrong with that? I also wish that you knew God, the creator of the world the way that I do so that you would be blessed by Him the way I am... not to force you to believe as I believe but to be blessed by it.

 I wanted to sing you a Christmas song but I never had the time to record one so instead I'll tell you about the Christmas play I was in last night.

Picture this scene...
My husband and I are Mary and Joseph,
Mary and Joseph are kneeling each side of baby Jesus just adoring him and being so blessed that we were chosen to be the parents of the son of God.

A lady photographer sees us and wants to take our picture for the newspaper. We are thrilled!!! Everyone will be able to see their King that was born to die for our sins!!! The lady gets ready to take our picture but at the last minute she stops. "Somethings not right" she says....."Somethings missing"
 I just don't understand what on earth she means?? What could possibly be missing?
 "I think we need some carolers in here, yes that's it bring in some carolers" she yells to someone. "Ok lets get all set up here and take this picture, smile everyone!!....
"Wait wait wait!!! Something is still wrong, I don't know what it is but there is still something missing. Hey you over there with the turkey, get over here and stand with them....ok get real close" she says to them. I look over at Joseph wondering if he thinks this is really strange also...Why does the turkey need to be in the picture? I thought this picture was of us?  Again she proceeds to take the picture and yet again there is something missing so she calls to the shoppers that were passing by and asks them to be in the picture and then she ask the man with the Christmas tree to come in too. By this time I'm getting really sad and concerned. This is supposed to be our baby's picture. How will people see him now with all these people standing around? I don't know why but I feel like crying. I can see Joseph is bothered too. The lady photographer hollers out to a guy shoveling his driveway to get into the picture and then she sees a rosy cheeked big guy dressed in red that they call Santa Clause and his elves and puts him right in the middle of the scene. I'm trying to be brave here but my heart is breaking. How will people see my baby, the savior of the world, how will they know Him if he is hidden from their sight? How will they get to heaven without him? Will they know that it's He that makes them pure? That if they believe in HIM they will have ever lasting life? They won't if He is not seen. Why can't they just leave? They are not the ones who will have to die for the people HE is. I am so troubled!  I can't see the photographer anymore, these people are hiding us.
 I can still hear her saying there is still something wrong.
"ahhhha I know what it is now.....what is that thing I see, that wooden thing? Get it out of the picture it is too distracting!!" she yells again. The guy with the Christmas tree turns and picks up the cradle that Jesus is sleeping in and removes Him from the scene. "PERFECT" the lady says asking everyone to smile for the picture. The lights go down and all you hear is the baby Jesus crying.