Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May 2013 update

Hello everybody!! May is almost here and I just thought I'd let you know what I'm up to. I am going to Alberta to visit my daughter in June!!!! Pretty excited as this is the first time I'll be going. I'm not too fond of going on a plane by myself since I've only flown once BUT I have a great outfit to wear when I go!!! I call it my traveling jacket.

This is a preview of it still in designer mode. The jacket is now made and is a bit different than this picture.

I will be making a few pieces of clothing that go together. I've already made a couple of skirts to go with the jacket. I am trying to build a small wardrobe that I can wear with the jacket so we will see what I come up with. I will be adding pictures and maybe a video in the near future.

I am not liking my new camera T3i to take videos. I'm finding it too difficult to make my own videos. My husband sometimes does it but he's often gone during the day and I don't want to do it a night due to improper lighting. The camera is great for pictures but the video does not focus by itself.  I have to put a dummy in my place,focus and then set the timer and then run and take the dummy out and put this dummy in. lol Just too much work!!!

I haven't been playing my guitar for the past 7 months because of a frozen shoulder but I've finally started playing a bit again as it is getting better. I am out of practice now!! Haven't been singing too much either..time to get back to it.

I have a 20 x 20 shed that I use as my workroom to do my draperies/music room. My husband had built me a huge table a few years back but I was finding that it was taking too much room and I didn't like the colors in there. The original plan when we started was that he would have one side and I would have the other and so I painted the walls on his side a manly dark green and on my side a light cream, but as it turned out, there was only enough room for one and guess who that was??? lol
So I shipped him and his man stuff out and he had built himself a little shed on the side of the big shed and that is where his stuff went. I couldn't have him in there cutting and doing dirty man stuff and so it goes.
My workroom was looking a little dreary now and I was wanting to girly it up. So with the help of my husband we painted the walls a light silvery grey, turned out really nice.

This is the before with my large table taken apart and the walls patched

Here is the color after we painted with my husband making me a

cabinet to hide the ugly electrical box.

So this is going to be my project for a while....I want to go shabby chic in here.
This is going to be my guest house/sewing room/music's going to take
a bit or creativity to incorporate everything in it. We shall see how it turns out.

I am still trying to eat as healthy as possible but having a lot of different health issues it is hard to know what I can eat. I am still feeling some days like I have very low energy and I believe I am still eating something that is not agreeing with me even though I am eating healthy foods. I have multiple food sensitivities and it really sucks!!! Anyway I'm not going to bore you with the details but hopefully I can soon figure it out.

I have a wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses to alter  before I leave for Alberta. I'm also making a veil for the bride. I'm also going to be digging in my gardens this spring. Planting things and moving things around.

That's what I'll be doing this spring, going to be a busy one I believe. I'll keep you posted with pictures!!

I hope you have an awesome spring and summer!!!!