Saturday, May 25, 2013

My beautiful garbage and accessories!!!

Hi guys, it's like this, I have beautiful garbage!!! Don't hate me because my garbage is beautiful, It's not my fault!!! lol  I've been hemming prom dresses and I put the scraps in my garbage clear garbage bin and I thought, hey, my garbage is beautiful and of course having the mind of a photographer and wanting to take pictures of something different for a change, I took my garbage out and put it on the table and arranged it with some accessories that I had around the house and voila, beautiful garbage. hehehe Hope you enjoy the pictures I sure enjoyed taking them!!!

 Don't try this at home, you might burn up your house!!!

 I burnt some of my dried flowers because it fell on my candle.

That's it folks, have a great evening!!!

 P.S. I may be in Alberta the next time I post something!!! YAY ME, I can't wait, I'll keep you posted, I'm sure there will be lots of nice pictures to take there!!! My daughter and I will be travelling around everywhere even going into British Columbia!!! Mountains, hot springs, sightseeing here we come!!!