Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I’ve gone black with bangs

Hello everyone in blogger land and Facebook land and all kinds of lands!!! Yes I dyed and cut my hair!!!
Well my hairdresser did but I had a hand in it too. When I got home I just wasn’t pleased with my hair, not that it wasn’t a great color and I had only had a trim but there was just something that needed to be done, I wasn’t sure what but I got out my scissors….and I started cutting…my daughter who is a hairdresser hates for me to do this but I really don’t care lol I’ve been doing it since I was 4 years old, I’m not about to stop now and since she lives away I don’t have her here at my every whim when it comes to cutting my hair. So my bangs were about down to below my ears and I cut them about to my nose and that still didn’t satisfy me, so I cut them again to my eyebrows. That did the trick!! That was exactly what I wanted but I didn’t know it until I did it!!! lol
Here is my hair after just coming from being washed and blow dried and a bit of foundation on my face, Kind of pale
fall clothing and things_6135
Straight straight, very straight
fall clothing and things_6136
Now I used a big barrel curling iron to give it a bit more body and added just a touch of scandaleyes flex mascara in 003 extreme black and a white pencil on my lower lid. No eye shadow. I dusted some pink blush from Clarion in Hyacinth on my cheeks but not on the apple of my cheek only on the outer cheek if that makes sense. Then I applied a matte red lipstick from Maybelline in red revolution with my finger,very lightly to give a natural color and that is it, I’m done, cooked, finished and ready to take pictures.
fall clothing and things_6139
fall clothing and things_6143
fall clothing and things_6145fall clothing and things_6149fall clothing and things_6153
fall clothing and things_6163fall clothing and things_6167fall clothing and things_6165fall clothing and things_6176fall clothing and things_6178fall clothing and things_6180
fall clothing and things_6181
My daughter Cara wanted to see my new hairstyle and color and so I figured you guys would too
See you later!!! Have a great night or day or whatever time it is in your area!!! So great to see you here Japan, China,Norway,Vietnam,Russia,Poland and Australia and United Kingdom!!! I hope you find my blog interesting and that you’ll come back often!!!
Nite xox