Monday, September 2, 2013

Jewelry I made



The bracelet




This is a pony tail holder I bought somewhere. They can be used for different things.

The pearl dangle necklace



The floating necklace

My very first necklace

elegant black and white dress_3854elegant black and white dress_3850


The 4 strand pearl necklace

pearl necklace_4101pearl necklace_4103

pearl necklace_4106

pearl necklace_4112

The charms are a cross and a key….two thing dear to my heart.
The cross represents Jesus and the key represents the things I’ve learned through Him. If you listen closely to the gospel with all your heart, there are “keys” that you can receive that will change you and heal you once you understand the    truth. I have been changed, I have been healed but that’s another story for another day.                                                                                                                                                       

pearl necklace_4115

Hope you enjoyed my jewelry!! It’s my first time making some. It’s a lot of tedious work but I like it….I don’t think I’ll be making a lot of it but once in a while it’s nice to make your own things.

Going to pick up some more fabric tomorrow!!!! Love it!!! I need some more fall fabric well maybe not but I want some!!! hahaha. I already have fabric to make a winter jacket in black and white plaid which is big for this fall. Anything black and white is going to be big this fall and that is fine with me because I love black and white!!!

I have finished my secret project and I have to send it to my aunt first and then I can show you guys!! It turned out pretty decent. Not exactly the way I imagined it but I have to make due with what I have to work with. It took a lot of hours to make. First I needed good weather to start and we were NOT getting ANY!!!! But it came after a while. I actually found two days I could work with without fog!!!!  I hope she likes it and you guys too once you see it!!

See ya later