Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pictures of how I make my Roman blinds

Hi guys and gals, these are the way I make my roman blinds professionally. This is not a full tutorial but you can get some tips on how to make them.

fall clothing and things_5615

fall clothing and things_5616 

head rail is wood

fall clothing and things_5620  fall clothing and things_5621

After your fabric and lining are sewn together in the size you need for your window and your dowels are in place you can sew on the little plastic rings in line with the screw eyes. I fold the roman blind up and use a pencil to mark a straight line using a ruler and then go through the tedious task of sewing on all the rings.

fall clothing and things_5634

The rings are all attached, lined up in a row. These MUST be sewn on well with a strong thread with at least 4 passes(like you would sew a button) and few good knots to make it hold.

fall clothing and things_5635

holes are cut out to be able to screw into the window frame.

fall clothing and things_5636  fall clothing and things_5640

The strings are strung inside the rings.

fall clothing and things_5641

They have a special knot at the end to prevent the string from slipping

fall clothing and things_5643


fall clothing and things_5637

Twirl around the loop three times and thread the end of the string through the loop

fall clothing and things_5639  

Pull tight

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I use wooden or plastic knobs. The knobs have holes to thread the strings into it.

fall clothing and things_5650      

Tie a knot at the end after you have threaded it to prevent it from slipping through.

fall clothing and things_5651 fall clothing and things_5652 fall clothing and things_5653  fall clothing and things_5658

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Got Leon to hold it up for me, as you can see it’s not his favourite job, hahaha

The pattern on this fabric is very nice!

fall clothing and things_5655

Full length.  I LOVE making roman blinds, I have made quite a few for people that wanted all their windows with roman blinds. They are the neatest looking blinds. Draperies and blinds in one!!

I had pictures of the actual clients home and they looked really good in her old fashioned bedroom with the creamy walls and blue mats on the floor but do you think I can find them!!!?? sigh, Oh well Leon’s bored face will have to do! hehehe

Please excuse my bad manicure!! It’s right after I had gel nails on and I just ripped them off of my nails and it left them in a mess and then to try hide the evidence of my messy nails I put clear polish on them! lol (blush)  I’m not very good with nails, I’m not quite dainty enough :)

see you later

UPDATE!!!!  I found the rest of my pictures!!!    I know, I probably put too many pictures but I can’t help it :/

 fall clothing and things_5712fall clothing and things_5709


fall clothing and things_5713

Oops the walls were tan and the bed was ivory!!