Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Chocolate banana cream pie Raw vegan style

This is a pie recipe I found on Pinterest. It is all raw and very very good although it is rich! I can't eat much of it and I shouldn't because there is a lot of nuts in this and nuts are fattening so don't be fooled in thinking you can eat your dessert and lose weight too. Eat it in moderation. I only ate 2 pieces and had to throw away the rest because I couldn't eat enough of it.
 I don't plan on eating this again for a long time because of the high fat (even though it's good fat it is still fat) and I seem to have a hard time tolerating the nuts. It could be because they were not soaked and sprouted first. Since this I have started soaking and sprouting my nuts and seeds as this makes them much easier to digest. I haven't noticed any problems with the nuts since although I've only had them a couple of times.

 This is my first attempt at getting a piece of pie, oh well it was still delicious!!!

 There we go, this is much better but just as good the second time!!

                                        Yummy bite by bite

                                                Doesn't this look heavenly??

         Good to the last drop, it's funny I didn't lick the plate....I have been known to do that!! lol
Here is the link to the recipe.
I did not use the exact same ingredients because I did not have them on hand. I substituted the nuts with other nuts that I had...
 I used walnuts, pecans and sunflower seeds a bit of salt and honey for the crust.
I did not use dates as a dislike them but used extra agave for sweetness. It turned out great even though.
Have a great night and let me know if you make it and how it turned out!!!!
See you later! xox