Thursday, March 14, 2013

pictures of the day----tawit tawit tawoo ;)

You guessed it right!!! It's an owl!!!
You see I have these photography friends on facebook and they are always getting these great pictures of birds and owls and creatures of all kinds and I wanted to take some of those pictures too but I'd have to go in the woods for that and I'm not fond of going in the woods by myself SOOOOOOOOO I bought one!!!hahaha AND mine can pose anywhere I place him, he doesn't complain he just sits there with the same dumb look and I don't have to go into into the woods to shoot him. lol

These pictures were taken with my new Canon Rebel 3Ti.

Yes  he's looking a bit haggard, I don't think he likes being out in the daytime...

Have a greatsome owly day!!!