Sunday, March 3, 2013

March update...what's up

Hi guys and gals, just a little update on what I have been doing lately. I am studying on taking movie shots, I may never film a movie but it's something that intrigues me. I watch movies now and I can barely concentrate on the story because I'm listening to what kind of music is played, did they use a close up shot, a medium shot or a long shot? Did they use a special camera effect or did they use a dolly? (a dolly is not a little girls doll but it is a gadget that's used to place your camera on so that you can have a smoother shot when moving your camera around. There are tons of different things to know, photography is only the first step and I'm still learning that one. It's basically how to tell a story with your pictures but moving pictures instead of still shots. I have to get the right lighting also which I don't have yet. I am basically using outside lighting right now and a reflector so my lighting isn't up to par.
Here are some things I'm doing as practice. I only have the lens on my Canon T3i that came
with the camera. 18-55mm. I believe I may need a wider lens to do these shots properly as I found we had to stand really close to each other to get it to look right in the picture. It looks like we are not that close but if he wasn't my husband it probably would feel a bit awkward lol

I've talked about videography so much now that I've got my husband interested too!! Yay me!!
It's a lot easier to do videos with two or more people!! Speaking of people, I'm amazed how many
people hate to have a video camera in their face or anywhere near them for that matter!!! They can get really hostile!!! I have to be careful....if you have that problem, don't ever dream of being a superstar or famous! lol 

Our friend Carl isn't hostile about it but he is very uncomfortable being on video for some reason, he specifically told me not to show the video anywhere BUT I could show his picture so here he is.
He's such a cool dude, with a great smile!!!
Here he was forging a piece of metal to make a bell hanger for his house, yes everyone who knows Carl, you will have to go ring his bell once it's up!!! lol
I think he was a little shy at his expertise at this and that might be why he wouldn't let me video him. I'm sure he was doing a fine job!!! I wouldn't know the difference lol

I went to a yard sale yesterday and I bought a few things. One thing I bought was a candle holder and candle. The glass on it was a yucky yellow orange color. Now I've seen on Pinterest that I can 
use, I believe it's glue and paint to make a transparent color, hopefully it will work. I'll show you some before and after pictures whenever I get it done. I'm hoping to do it for Easter. 

I've cut out some fabric for a couple of skirts, a jacket and capri pants so far although I haven't sewn them up yet. I'm hoping to get them done before spring gets here so I'll have something new to wear. I still have a lot of fabric left to use to make more clothes AND AND AND AND AND I'm probably going to go and get some more whenever I go back to the city!!!! LOL  
You fabraholic's you know what I'm talking about!!! hehehe  At least I'm using mine!! lol

I've made a little cardigan in a deep blue color you will see it as soon as I can take some pictures of it.
Actually come to think of it, I am in the process of making  a pair of blue printed capri pants in the same color blue as the cardigan SO I may wait until I finished those so I can take pictures as an outfit.

Well I thought I didn't have much to say and almost didn't write this but I guess I had more than I thought and if I really thought about it I probably could go on for a long time BUT I'll spare you! lol

OH by the way, I'm getting my hair done tomorrow!!! It's high time let me tell you...It's been months and months since I last did my hair and it's starting to show, there seems to be a few sparkly hairs in there and I can't have that, Christmas is gone by....So what color will I be???? We shall see when I get back!!!

Have an super-de-duper day!!! xox

P.S. Sorry if I have any spelling mistakes!