Saturday, March 30, 2013

a real green dress

So I made this dress, actually it's my green top and skirt that I made last year. I didn't dare wear it together last year because it seemed like it would be too green but this year it feel just right and so I'm going to be wearing it together and I think it looks good. What do you think? I've never been much of a "green" person but these last couple of years that's all I can think about. It's green everything and not just a subtle green I'm talking lime green!!!! Wooooohoooo!

I match my decor lol

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!!!
I'm going to be singing tomorrow morning in the church choir a melody of about 6 great Easter songs!! We have been practicing for 5 weeks now and having a great time, but it will be nice when it's over as it gets pretty tiring always having to be somewhere all the time and listening to the same songs over and over and over until we know them by heart. We aren't allowed any words only following our conductors lead and if we miss the words we have to say watermelon, watermelon so no one will know we missed the words! lol  I think there might be a lot of watermelon going on! hahaha
So remember on Friday Jesus died for you and me, took my and your place and my and your sin on himself and on Monday HE ROSE FROM THE DEAD AND IS STILL ALIVE!!! So now if you and I believe in Him and except him in our hearts and ask for forgiveness WE ARE SET FREE FROM SIN and will be raised in heavenly places with Him!!! How do you come to him you might ask???  Just as you are!!!  It's a FREE gift from God!!! You just have to except it!!!
Lots of love and happiness to all wherever you are, may you be blessed beyond anything you could imagine!!!! xox