Saturday, October 5, 2013

Renewing vows dream

I had a dream last night that Leon and I were getting married again.
photoshoot with Leon 060 in white
my dream plan

This is my dream

I was in my old neighbourhood. There are three houses in a triangle where I grew up. I was at Nathan’s(aka grizzly bear, a place where I called my second home, where my childhood best friend lived) and I was walking over to Armeline’s house(a house where an older lady and man lived across the street from me where I occasionally visited) where the wedding party (all my friends and family who are all in the wedding as I wanted everyone to be in the wedding(no formal attire)) were getting dressed for the wedding.

As I am walking in the house, I realize I do not have everything I need for accessories to go with my beautiful wedding gown. So I tell my friends and family that I am going to run home to get my wedding accessories (earrings, underwear,shoes, makeup etc. I hurriedly run across the street back to my home. I run into my house and there is my best friends mother Laurena.( She lives right next door to me, outside the triangle. I think she might even be my mother in the dream or a mother type.) She is all concerned wondering what I am doing back here when I am supposed to be getting ready! 

I hurriedly run up the stairs while she is following me to the bottom of the stairs as she says, Julie(her real daughter) is in the bathroom upstairs getting the kids ready for something, am I going to need to go into the bathroom? and I yell back to her, no I think everything I need is in my bedroom. Then she says, well you can use the den downstairs if you need to change. My old house has never had a den.

It is like the downstairs is like her house now and the upstairs is like my house. Anyway I distractedly yell to her no from up in my old bedroom, thinking mother’s never seem to understand what you are saying to them. I don’t need to change my clothes, I’m getting dressed next door,I just need my things!

I find the perfect pair of earrings, they are so dainty and will go perfectly with the lace on my wedding dress. Then I start thinking about the wedding night.What will I wear!!!?? I never even picked anything out or thought about it until now!!! I don’t even know if I have anything to wear!!! I mean I have to look good on my wedding night!!! How could I forget to pick out something for that!!!??

I open my drawer where I keep my underclothes and start digging through them. I pull out a pair of really nice white undies. Oh these are nice! those would do. I keep looking and I pull out another pair of white underwear these are different and yet again I pull out another pair of white panties with a black binding and words on it. I read the words(but the words didn’t stick with me when I woke up) and I think OK!!! that’s a strange saying and then I pick out another pair of white underwear and I think Wow! these are really nice and sooooooooo well made!!!!! The fabric is so nice and shiny!! They just look so well made and durable.

And then I think, are these my underwear? I have really great underwear!!!!!!? Did my friends do this?? I can’t seem to remember if I had the underwear before or not. Are they mine?? They all look brand new!

Then I pull out another one, it is a white mesh-like teddy. (My dream is in color). It is the most beautiful design I have ever seen on a lingerie!!!! I can see every stitch and how it is made, the texture, the style and I am thinking,wow this is beautiful and amazingly done!!!!!

I can’t explain to you exactly what it looks like because I do NOT want anyone to steal my dream idea because I’ve seen this texture before but on a piece of lingerie is something I have never seen before but it looks fantastic!!!! But someday I will may try to recreate it to see if I can make it look like what it looked like in my dream!!!!! It is so vivid that I do not need to write it down as I believe it will stay in my memory for a long time!!.

I love these kinds of dream!!! This is only the second time I have had a dream of something to do with clothing in my life. The first dream was when I was  around eighteen and I really believe God taught me to sew in a dream. I could see vividly as I watched the sewing machine step by step sew a princess seam dress! AWESOMENESS!!!! MY GOD IS GOOOOOOOD!!!!

Should I be starting a bridal lingerie??? lol  Only time will tell!!!

P.S. KEEP YOUR DREAMS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!