Friday, October 25, 2013

The lighthouse (cover) (+playlist)

Hi everybody!!! I finally got it done!!! It took a few months!! partly because I had to wait for good weather and have the time to do it too as I was busy with other stuff!! We sure had a rotten spring but we are having a terrific fall!! Anyway, this song called "the lighthouse" is a song that I sang in church and I was practicing it one evening and my Uncle was passing by and he saw me through the window and stopped in to see what I was doing and I told him I was practicing this song to sing at church. He wanted me to sing it for him and so I did. He loved it and said it was a beautiful song!! Unfortunately he passed away not long after and I was asked to sing this song at his funeral. I sang it to a few funerals since. My aunt Corinne who lives in Florissant, Missouri had heard me singing it at the funeral and had asked me if I would record it and send it to her but at the time I had no way of recording anything and that is what started me into looking to record my singing. It was for her. I decided to make a video with it too so she could see places she might be familiar with as this is where she was brought up. I burned the song onto a dvd and sent it to her by mail. There were a few technical difficulties playing it but my talented cousin Mark fixed it right up!! lol My aunt said it was really beautiful and she really enjoyed it but if was stuttering(she said this in french and it sounded hilarious)lol My cousin Mark had to burn it unto another dvd and it took around 18 hours to do it and then it was fine. Much thanks to my cousin Mark!!! This song is not only a funeral song though, it is a song that makes you think about life and the blessings we have because of Jesus Christ's work on the cross,because He took our place at Calvary so that whoever would believe in this beautiful gift that God gave us, we would have everlasting life with Him. Such a simple thing yet so powerful!!! I hope you like this and that you would know how much God thinks of you!!!

Never feel like you are not good enough for God because HE says through Jesus you are!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. I have tried and tried to upload this in a standard screen format but every time I upload it to Youtube it changes it to widescreen! I have no idea why. I actually watched it in normal screen once on Youtube and then checked it again and it has been set to widescreen. I searched for information on this and was led to do some changes in the tab section of Youtube and that did not work. My husband checked it out on his computer and he can watch it in standard screen but on my computer it shows up widescreen so I do not know what is going on... It sucks when you've lost 20 pounds and it adds it back on!!!LOL Hopefully you can watch it in a standard screen which in my opinion looks a lot better