Saturday, March 22, 2014

Beautiful color themes ideas

Here are a few color themes I did up for you. Hope you like them!! :)

calmly calico

This one is from a painting of my cat Kalie Rae. This would be great traditional, country or modern living room colors, warm but not too warm toned down with the grey and black. It would also look great in a den or office for you warm hearted people who love natural things and warm colors!! :)

clearly classic

Are you bold? Classic is the way to go!!  Can you imagine a beautiful dining room with blue walls, dark brown furnishings, black picture frames and accents and white,red and rosy beige draperies, knick knacks table settings etc?? Cleary classic!!! Or perhaps a bathroom with white tub, sink and toilet with a dark brown vanity, rosy beige floor tiles and black, red and blue accents!!? Oh what fun it would be to decorate!!!! I am very passionate when it comes to bold colourful colors!!! :)

colors of france

This is artwork I did for the master bedroom!!! These are my colors of teals, white, black and greys. My theme is Paris and Peacocks, a bit modern a bit traditonal, a good blend of masculine and feminine. I will be showing you some things in the bedroom as I get them done, it is a work in progress. I am working on my bedspread now. I almost have it all quilted and then I have to work on pillow shams and my husband has almost finished framing and painting the windows!

delicately creamy

Such pretty and soft colors. This is from my photography shots. What a great bedroom these colors would make. Soft and serene with touches of that soft green, purple and lilac. Light hardwood floors, soft greyish walls and soft fabrics, you’ll think you died and gone to heaven!! ;)


This is my artwork and these are my living room colors. Very modern and colorful. I will be showing you my living room someday soon. It’s amazing from what it when from to what it is now! Doubled in size!!

floating leaves                                                                

From my photography. Delicious colors!! Doesn’t it look like you could just eat them!! I don’t know why I see food when I look at this but I think I see ice cream!!!! Yummmmmmmmy!!!!!     

This would make a beautiful girls bedroom. Girly but not TOO girly, just right!! These colors in a laundry room would be fun too!

fly like a butterfly

This is some artwork that I did and it screams girls bedroom!!! Oh what a blissful room it would be, the kind of room that dreams are made of!! Soft and airy and beautiful!!! Full of pretty pillows in pinks and greens, soft airy fabrics and white princess beds!!! WOW!!!

love in pink

Here we are slightly bold again!!! Can you imagine these colors in a bold French kitchen??? I can!!! How delightful!!! Or even a French bathroom!!! I can just see myself looking around in amazement and the sheer boldness of it!! On the tamer side, it would also make a great girls bedroom!

the richness of gold

The richness of gold is so divine and with blue is very striking! This would make a very calming living room with golden sofa’s  and lighter golden walls, with accents of blue,white and touches of pink. For a bit of boldness, throw in a beautiful printed or striped chair in gold pink and white, or gold, white and blue!!! Breathtaking!!!

uptown whispers

This is from one of my paintings. Ohhhhh, the cream marbled floors and counters!!! Ohhhhh, the touches of maroon and red with heavy green accents everywhere and soft touches of lilac!!! Could you get more uptown than that!!!?? Classy house!!!! Classy mansion!!! I’d live there!!!!

Can you think of other places these colors would go? Use your imagination!! :)

P.S. I have reached another 10,000 page views!!! Thank you so much for your support!!!! I love being creative and I am truly blessed that you would want to see what I have to offer!!!!

Thank you Canada, United States, Russia, United Kingdom,Germany,China, France,Ukraine,Australia and Poland to name a few of my greatest supporters!!!